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Beautiful Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Wavy hairs are considered to be one of the most convenient hair types as they can be styled into any type of hairstyle that one can wish for. Wavy hairs are easy to style and will look gorgeous for almost every hairstyle that you can think of. Also they look very feminine and godly, which is why many women prefer a wavy hair that will also look chic and trendy. When you are planning to style your hair for a party or for a evening tea time wavy hairs can be combed accordingly that will look very appropriate and pretty. Listed below are some of the beautiful wavy hairstyles for women who are fond of trying new styles.

This is one of the classic styles that is never out of place as the long layers of beautiful wavy hair is just let down free flowing and is decorated with a thick satin band and a bow. Kind of hairstyle looks very cute and girlish along with hair accessories to further enhance the looks of the style.

layered wavy hair

This is a very simple hairstyle where the beach wavy hair is just let down freely with few strands of fringes in the front to make it look more casual and modern. This hairstyle will suit almost any type of clothing and is simple to style too!

long wavy hairThis is a medium length messy wavy hairstyle with uneven layering and side partition. The front fringes are curled to make it look more glamorous and the feather like layering makes it look very voluminous and attractive. messy wavy hairstyle

This is a short wavy hair with uneven front fringe layers that will make it look simple and elegant. This kind of hairstyle will be perfect for the soft hair types and those with less volume.

short wavy hair with fringes

Whatever maybe the hairstyle and haircut, to make it look perfect and to discard the bad hair day from your dairy it is highly important to maintain a proper hair care. There are various products that are available according to the hair type to maintain a beautiful healthy hair that one would adore and other would envy!



Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles – by Theory Hair Salon

It’s no big secret that celebrity hairstyles are always popular, and well they should be, with teams of people behind each one making sure that they’re always sporting great, fresh looking cuts. With the Internet making photos and info on celebrities just a click of the way, it’s also no wonder that people have flocked to the web to find out what their favorite stars are doing with their hair, and how to do it themselves. What you might not know, and may or may not surprise you, is which of these celebs are the most sought after for their hair! Here’s Theory Hair Salon’s list of the most popular celebrities for hair, according to our research. This is one for the ladies, guys, as each and every one of the eight top most-searched people is female.

Movie Star Hair

Halle Berry's iconic short look.

When you see a gorgeous woman up on the big screen showing off her amazing curls, or spectacular bangs, it’s not much of a mental jump to think “Hey, I could have that hair!” Three beautiful hugely talented women stand atop the rest in the world of film as hair icons, the first being the inimitable Halle Berry.

The look of Halle Berry hair has sent women running to the salon ever since she started showing up in television shows like Knots Landing, but it was really her starring roles in films like X-Men and Swordfish that had people going crazy for her look. Berry’s most famous look is the ultra-short and casual natural brunette style, almost a boy cut with some product to give shaggy lift, but she’s also been seen sporting shoulder-length hair, both wavy and straight.

Next on our list of film stars with great hair is Dawson’s Creek and Batman Begins love interest Katie Holmes. The signature Katie Holmes hair cut is a straight, sleek bob that goes just below the chin, with bangs either cut straight across or sideswept. However, we’ve also seen her grow her locks out long, sometimes even giving them an ultra-curly, bouncy look.

Like our other three film stars, Jessica Alba began her career in

Jessica Alba's big waves and curls are always stunning.

TV, but films like Sin City and Fantatsic Four brought this beauty even greater fame. Alba’s beautiful golden brown hair is often left very wavy and long, or put up in a classy updo. Jessica Alba hair is coveted by many, and it doesn’t take much looking to see why!

Looks from the Small Screen

Of course, some stars with searched-for hair are mostly known for their television roles, like these three wonderful women.

To start our list is TV’s own Kate Walsh, who began her career as a model in Japan and rocketed to fame with roles in The Drew Carey Show and Grey’s Anatomy. The iconic Kate Walsh hair is auburn with the cut being shoulder length or a bit longer, and either parted down the middle or on the side with no bangs. Kate Walsh’s hair is either straight or has big, luxurious waves.

An updo for MTV star Lauren Conrad.

One of the younger stars on our list is Lauren Conrad, whose semi-reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills made her a star before she was even 20. The Lauren Conrad hair style is one of the few blonde looks on our list, and her hair has gone from a dirty blonde to golden throughout the years. Lauren tends to go for the casual look, putting waves in with a curler or taking it up into a beach-appropriate style complete with chic braids.

Another TV star with hair to die for is Eva Longoria Parker, from the hit show Desperate Housewives. To get the Eva Longoria hair look, the locks should be a rich chestnut brown and kept long and wavy, in a straight graduated bob or in a formal updo, often with bangs left out and swept to one side.

Great Voice, Great Hair

Of course, we can’t leave out the singers! The last two on our

Carrie Underwood's look brings big Southern hair into the modern era.

Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles list are both songstresses with locks to love.

When Carrie Underwood won American Idol, everyone knew that she was going to make it big for years to come, and part of that celebrity status is her great hair. The well-known look of Carrie Underwood hair styles features the only other blonde coloring on our list, with a very light gold and a little bit of fashionable brunette roots. Underwood’s hair is layers and layers, keeping it big bouncy and wavy in an updated look of the formal country style.

We can't wait to see how Selena Gomez' hairstyle changes in the coming years!

Youngest on our list is new star Selena Gomez. Though Gomez got her start on the Disney Channel, but it’s her singing that has brought the girl into the limelight in a big way. The Selena Gomez hair color is a deep brown, almost black, but that’s about the only thing that stays the same with her hair. Perhaps the owner of the most dynamic hair styles on our list, Gomez has been seen in formal sideswept shoulder-length hair with waves, straight hair with blunt bangs, bobs, updos, pony tails, braids and even a chic pompadour.

And there you have it! The Top 8 most popular searches for celebrity hair on the Internet right now, all in one place. With these fashionistas for inspiration, you’re sure to find a style to bring into Theory Hair Salon and try out for yourself. Let’s make you a star!

What’s New at Theory Hair Salon in Austin- Aveda Volumizing Hair Products!

When our partners at Aveda come out with a new hair product, we at Theory Hair Salon get excited! The folk in the research lab at Aveda are some of the most knowledgeable about hair and the natural elements that can make it healthier and better looking, so you know when they say they’ve got not only one great new product, but a whole line, it’s

Hair with great volume is simply to die for!

something to look into. Just recently, all the buzz has been about Aveda’s new Pure Abundance volumizing system, a five step system to boost the volume in your hair at every step of the cleaning and styling process.

It’s easy to tell what “volumizing” means when it comes to hair, but what exactly does a volumizer do? Essentially they do two things: first, they add a layer of healthy polymers to the outside of hair strands, giving them the impression of being a bit thicker, thus adding to the volume. Second, volumizers contain special ingredients called humectants that actually draw moisture from the air to part of your hair where the volumizer is applied. This causes your hair to lift and become less flat, and good volumizers, like those from Aveda, can actually keep your hair in place and improve its overall health.

So what are these new volumizers that we’re so crazy about? The Pure Abundance system has five parts, two for the cleaning process and three for hair styling. We’ll walk you through how using these great products can help keep your hair looking spectacular.

The first step is, of course, to wash hair with the Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo. Massage this product through wet hair, getting it evenly distributed before washing it out. This product uses organic acacia gum and other natural products to boost overall hair volume. Next, do the same with the Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner. Some people think conditioner is bad for volume because it can add weight, but this Aveda hair product uses a special kaolin clay and acacia gum blend to make hair lifted and look more filled out.

One of the many cool styles that can be achieved with the Pure Abundance hair product system.

Once you’re out of the shower, it’s time for hair styling! Here you have a choice, you can use one, two or all three products, depending on the look you’re going for.

The first styling product in the Pure Abundance system is the Style Prep, a spray that goes on slightly damp hair and thickens the strands by using a blend of multiple plant-derived ingredients, including rice bran, passion fruit and a corn-derived polymer. This product also acts as a leave-in conditioner, and can even be used on non-shampoo days to refresh hair. Simply spray a generous amount all over your hair, and then style.

Next we’ve got the Pure Abundance Hair Potion, a very cool and unique product that starts as a power, but once rubbed in your palms turns into a liquid. This is a great texturizing product as well as a volumizer that can thicken up to 17%, and it uses acacia gum and kaolin clay to create a matte texture on the head. Use this by either rubbing it in your hands and then through hair, starting at the roots, or simply sprinkle on the roots and work it in with your hands.

The final product in the system is the Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray, a great product that not only adds volume, it also sets styles in place all day. This product is

Flat hair be banished!

resistant to humidity, and it makes a spectacular styling finish when used with the other Pure Abundance products.

If you’re interested in some cool looks that can be achieved with Pure Abundance products, the Aveda site has provided a short guide for a few styles on their page. The hair experts at Aveda have really hit it out of the park with this one, and if you’re interested in volumizing products that are also great for your hair, come by Theory Hair Salon and check out this cool new line! We think you’ll love it.

Films That Inspire Hair – The Ramona Flowers Cut and Theory Hair Salon

Films can simply be one of the best places to go for hairstyle inspiration. Throughout its history, the silver screen has displayed beautiful people trying out daring cuts as part of

Here's the Ramona Flowers hairstyle in blue with black tips.

their character, and it’s been a major factor in inspiring trends from the get-go. Your trusty neighborhood salon writer was re-watching the fun comic book/video game inspired romp Scott Pilgrim vs. The World recently, and when the character of Ramona Flowers popped on screen, her striking cut gave us some fantastic ideas for fun summer hair! Looking around the internet, it seems like a lot of people have become interested in emulating her daring do, so let’s take a little look at it.

Ramona Flowers is a bit of a wild child, and her hair reflects that part of her personality perfectly. In fact, at one point she even goes so far as to say “I change my hair every three weeks,” which is pretty crazy! While in the comic that the movie is based on, the character changes her hair quite a few times, but in the film there is one particular cut that has become all the rage on the Internet.

The style of hair that has become the signature Ramona Flowers cut is actually a variation on a bob, or you could also look at it as a cross-breed of the bob and the chelsea cut. If you haven’t seen a chelsea cut, it’s a bit extreme, and it essentially entails cutting all of your hair very short (like a pixie or shorter) and leaving some amount of it long. This piece is usually the part right in front of the ear, which gives a cute dangling effect.

While chelsea cuts often feature a large portion of the hair shaved off, and everything but the part left long cut very short, Ramona Flowers combines the idea of leaving a piece on

Ramona Flower's haircut in her most well-known color combination.

each side a bit longer than the rest with a bob cut with blunt bangs. Take a look at the picture on the side, and you can see that her bangs are cut straight across, and the front pieces just to each side of her face are a few inches longer than the rest.

Ramona’s bob is also a little different than a typical one, featuring a sharp asymmetrical angle going from long in the front to short in the back. Some people who have achieved this cut have taken the sloping angle all the way to the back of the head in a continuing cut, but in some scenes from the film you can see that Ramona continues the angle to about the nape of her neck, where she then cuts it straight across and leaves it a bit shaggy.

To fully achieve the Ramona cut, of course, you can dye your hair in bright colors, like she did. This isn’t necessary, as you can use it with any color (bleach blonde is a fun thought!), but Ramona tends to choose bright blues, purples, pinks and greens. She even at one point adds secondary color (black, in her case) to the tips. It’s even possible to do this style ombre or pastel, just try out whatever you think would look good!

The last step in achieving this movie character’s fashionable look is to decide whether you want straight or wavy hair. As Ms. Flowers shows in the film, either looks good, so try changing it up on different days.

As this is a very complicated and detailed cut, and one which could leave you with a mess

The Ramona cut with straight bangs and a bit of a wave.

on your head if done wrong, we highly suggest coming to our professional stylists to get this done for yourself. Theory Hair Salon is Austin’s premier styling location, and we’ll get you the movie-star hair of your dreams in no time. While we don’t recommend re-dying your hair as often as the character does (it’s bad for it!), we can do everything you need to achieve this cool cut, from the color to the style to the texture. Come check us out today, and get the look like your favorite comic book super heroine!

Versatile Side-swept Bangs for You at Theory Hair Salon – Austin, TX

Bangs; you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But no doubt, they can change your look like no other tweak.

There are different types of bangs to choose from, varying in length, thickness and cut.

One of the most flattering type of bangs is the sideswept kind. They are soft, carry the same beauty-enhancing benefits as regular or blunt bangs and have the extra bonus point that they can be styled a few different ways.Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel have blended sideswept bangs

Sideswept bangs can be styled in any direction and have the upside that they can move whichever way a ‘cowlick’ makes them go. No more fighting nature to get them to stay straight all spaghetti-like.

Many celebrities over the years have sported sideswept bangs, including Cameron Diaz, Taraji P. Henson and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few. That is because it is so accommodating to different hair types. Unless you have curly hair, you can rock sideswept bangs. The only condition is they cannot be wispy. Otherwise they will give you that dreaded 90′s mall look. Glamour Shots, anyone? We didn’t think so.

They are very flattering to square and heart-shaped faces–which is why Ms. Witherspoon is such a great example of these bangs. They soften very harsh angles in these faces, such as sharp cheekbones and a pronounced jawline.

There are a few different lengths that you can play with:

-Cheeckbone length: Make sure these have two layers in them; top layer is shorter than the bottom. And also the ends should be texturized by channeling, meaning we hold the scissors vertically, so the finishing cut isn’t blunt.

Kelly Rowland and Claudia Schiffer work the layered, eyebrow-grazing bangs

-Eyebrow grazing: These go slightly past your eyebrows, and really, they graze your eyelashes. What this has is an eye-opening effect. It makes your eyes stand out (in a good way!) all while being low maintenance and easy to pin back.

-Blended: Not really a length, rather a thickness option. These bangs are slightly less heavy than the previous ones and blend into your hair very subtly through layers. They are lighter, yet still provide the coverage that regular bangs do.

Bangs don’t have to turn your hair routine into a nightmare each morning. They really can do wonders for your style. And they add a ton of pizazz without a very drastic change. If you’re wondering what kind of bangs to get, we recommend you come into  Theory Hair Salon for a free consultation.

We’ll be happy to assess your hair type, face shape and time available so you can decide which type of bangs would work best for you.

At Theory Hair Salon in North Austin, we strive to make each and every one of our clients happy with their look. If you look your best, you feel amazing. That is our goal! Call and schedule an appointment or walk in! –(512) 677-4247.

Play with Dimension by Blending Layers in Your Hair at Austin, TX Salon

Layered haircuts have been around for quite some time. Given their versatility and ever-changing nature, they are here to stay.

What does change from era to era is how the layers are designed and styled, as well as their length and placement. At Theory Hair Salon, we know layered haircuts so well! Here are a few tips to know before you come in for a FREE personalized consultation.

Long layers and a great color job give Drew her very dimensional look.

As a rule of thumb, stay away from layers if your hair is VERY thin. Or if you must have them done, make sure they are few and not cut with a razor. Layers thin out your hair, so stay away if your locks are already thin.

Layers add visual “cuts” to single length hair, which can sometimes seem boring to some. If a one length style is not for you, then keep reading to see what we can do to add a little more life to your style.

Layers are ideal for those with thick hair or long wavy/ curly hair. It is best to have the layers cut long and well below the ear lobe.

Visually, layers create movement and dimension. They also create real texture to an otherwise plain and flat style.

Layers are usually placed framing the face, starting at mid-jaw and moving down. However, depending on your face shape, the placement can be tweaked to flatter and highlight your best features.

Olivia Palermo's lob adds movement and texture to the ends.

Nowadays, the layers are more often used on shoulder-length hair and longer. The shorter the hair, the less layers you want. Also, never ask for too much layering in the back, unless you’re going for one of those revived (why would you do this anyway??) mullets. The longer the layers, the less amount of them there will be, but that’s good. A while back–think ‘The Rachel” era– lots of layers around the face and then a couple gigantic layers were the thing to do. We’ve come around since then and are now more into a cleaner, more uniform type of layered look. That doesn’t mean boring, though!

One of the most popular cuts right now is the layered lob, or long bob. It is shoulder-length and the layers of this cut start below the chin. This makes them almost invisible, giving the appearance of a bob, with the benefits of a layered style–dimension, movement, texture and and control.

Layers are one of the easiest ways of spicing up a haircut and with the help of the expert stylists at Theory Hair Salon in North Austin, you’ll be sporting one of the most lively haircuts around.