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intricate curling updo

Attractive Hair Updos For Parties

Hair updos are one of the most interesting and attractive hairstyle during many grand and important occasions. These updos will make your hair look stylish, classic or trendy as there are various ways by which you can style your updo. It is not always necessary that an updo must look classic as you can style them with front fringes, voluminous roots, loose buns and lots more to bring out the style in you. Every woman love being pampered with one of the best hairstyles forĀ  their wedding, prom night, garden party, or for an award function. Listed below are some of the gorgeous looking updos

voluminous updo There are many who adore braids and this is a kind of hairstyle especially for those kinds of women who will instantly fall in love with it. These rows of braided hair updo will look very classic and charming for anyone with any kind of costume and will perfectly suit those with curly and wavy hair types.

braid updo

Twists and curls are one of the ways to make your silky or soft hair look more voluminous and detailed. This intricate curling of hair partitions that are formed into a French updo looks very pretty for your prom night or a garden party.

intricate curling updo

If you are looking for an updo with more casual and stylish looks then this will be something of your choice, as the roots are combed into much voluminous looks with some free strands of hair. The loose bun at the back looks very cute and stylish with the free strands giving much of a casual look.

kate-beckinsale loose low bun

Sometime even a high bun looks very modern with certain kind of clothing and make up. This twisted high bun that is tightly secured in place with an attractive red lip color creates a very inviting look that is very much attractive and sexy.

twisted high bun