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bob cut with curls

Stylish Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Short hairstyles are really catching up the pace and many are opting for one such style to make them look trendy and awesome. Don’t you think short hairstyles are cool and sexier when compared to most other styles? At times black women might wonder what exactly will suit them the best and the answer is very simple, almost every hairstyle will look best as long as your hair is well maintained and conditioned. Black hair is one of the beautiful assets of black women and there are various hair products that can help in enriching your hair with any kind of style that you could possibly dream about!

This is a beautiful bob cut for medium length hair that has lovely curls at the ends. The lustrous black hair is something that most women would envy and you can get your hair done in one such style by blow drying it and curling with large rollers.

bob cut with curls

This is a short pixie hair cut with side partition and long layers in the front. These long layers in the front and short trimmed at the back is something that has become modern and one of the iconic style of the celebrities. This kind of hairstyle will not give you the feel of having a much shorter hair, as you will be having long fringes in the front.

long side bangs

A bob cut is one of the most classic styles from ages and still favored one. Bob cuts are much easier to maintain and will look chic on any occasion and for any type of clothing under any season, so anyone who loves short hair would have definitely tried a bob cut. This is a messy bob cut that matches perfectly well for a curly hair.

messy curly bob cut

This is a side partitioned bob cut for soft straight silky hair that is trimmed evenly at the edges to give a beautiful bob cut look.

 soft straight bob cut

michelle-williams_pixie crop

Stylish Short Hairstyles For Women

Women always love exploring new styles and love to be pampered with something that is stylish and according to the current trend, but there is one thing that most women fear is to try a short hairstyle in a fear that it might turn out into a disaster. If you just think and rewind over the past, then one should admit that we all have had short hairstyles at least once in our lifetime. Trying a short hairstyle isn’t harmful unless you get it done from a professional stylist who knows how to handle every hair type and texture. Theory hair salon with their team of expert stylists who work wonders with hair and hair products can do miracles on your hair with their expertise in that particular arena. Choosing the hair style that will best suit your style, looks and age all matters in that case. A good hairstyle should further enhance your looks and shouldn’t ruin the earlier one. Listed below are some of the beautiful hairstyle that are short and chic, which is very much comfortable for your day to day work and will look trendy too!

Anne Hathaway sported a super cool quiff style with upward styled hair. This short hair with lifted voluminous roots at the front is something that will make you look super hot sexy and you can also style them into a retro like style with this kind of hairstyle.

anne-hathaway_quiff style anne-hathaway_quiff style

This is one of the most daring hairstyle to have it done short like a boy crop, if you are ready to give it a shot then get it done. This will give you a trendy look with a perfect clothing and an appropriate make up to match the style.

short boy crop style short boy crop style

Elizabeth Moss short soft side swept hairstyle is something that many will love to give it a try. The long side swept bangs in the front is something that will boost the look of the hairstyle furthermore.

elizabeth moss short hairstyle elizabeth moss short hairstyle

Emma Watson had stunned us with a short crop that created a buzz and trying out something like this once in a while will give you a change in looks and will make you look younger and sexier.

emma watson_short hair emma watson_short hair