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Gray Hair Looks at Theory Salon in Austin, TX

So, you’re going gray. It happens to the best of us! And while some take it in stride and embrace it, others flee from it. Whether it is happening right around the time it should (congratulations, you’re normal!) or prematurely (sorry), it tends to be a bummer.

But it doesn’t have to be. Gray hair is nuanced and is it’s own beast to tame, but with a little help from your friends (at Theory Hair Salon) and a little more TLC, you can make peace with your grays and either agree to disagree or maybe even become friends!

So let’s talk about grays, baby. Gray hair tends to be a sign of aging. Sometimes it can be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency, and if that’s the case with you, get thyself to the infirmary– we can’t help you on that one.

If, on the other hand, you’re just getting older, saddle up in our stylist chair, We can DEFINITELY help with that.

Gray hair is not actually colored gray. It is your hair lacking it’s original color. Which is why sometimes it actually looks gray, other times it looks stark white and on some people it’s even yellowish.

Once it’s “discolored” it will greatly affect texture and dying potential. Coloring gray hair is not the same as coloring bleached hair. It tends to be dryer, so you have to infuse lots of moisture. Constantly. Any hair color applied to dry hair will only dry it more and fade faster.

A rule of thumb for dying gray hair is adding back the color it lost, which means you have to have a neutral shade somewhere in there. Most often it’s a bit of brown. This helps you achieve the color you want, otherwise the blonde highlights you covet may actually turn into yellow. And unless you’re going for that particular shade, we don’t recommend it.

Coloring depends on how much gray you have. If you are starting to see a few strands here and there, you can get away with just dying your roots to your original color, which may be the easiest route. A bit more gray than that and you can add highlights, to disguise them more effortlessly.

Gray is actually a coveted hair color trend right now!

If you are at the salt and pepper phase, then an allover color with highlights and lowlights are probably a great option for you. Also, remember that your skin loses some color as you age, so don’t try to achieve the color you had in your twenties. Go for something a little lighter so you don’t look washed out.

If you are 90 percent gray, we recommend to go all out and let it be! A well tended mane of gray can look fantastic and stunning. You can apply a violet toner to keep it shiny and vibrant. You can even amp up the color going completely white or silver. It’s up to you!

The key to always looking fabulous is owning your look. Gray, brown, blonde, blue, pink… doesn’t matter! Your confidence will shine through and that’s what looks best on all women.

Come on in for a free consultation! We’ll help you turn “feeling gray” into a good thing!