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razored medium length pixie haircut

Modern And Trendy Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircut is one of the most loved short hairstyle that women often prefer and this cut can be styled in various ways according to ones preference and styling idea. Though the haircut might look very simple and short, it needs careful detailing to make it look the way you would expect it to be. Be it a messy pixie or a proper-layered one with a medium length; let your stylist know the kind of pixie you prefer. Theory hair salon stylists can trim your hair into one of the best pixie cuts and turn your looks much like a celebrity, where you will gain confidence to walk out in streets.

emma watson pixie cut

This is a short trimmed inverted pixie cut with proper layering that project to the front unlike other layers that falls back. This pixie cut is very short and one needs to decide if it will be comfortable to go with such a short hairstyle. But having your neck free from thick hair falling behind will sure feel free and relaxed!

inverted pixie cut

This is a modern pixie hairstyle with a short back end and lengthy front bangs that are combed to one side. This kind of pixie hair cut with uneven layers in the front that are side swept altogether will give a unique look that will make you look like a style icon.

modern pixie hairstyle

This is a razored medium length pixie hair cut with beautiful layering that will make you look stylish and sexy. This short hairstyle will look voluminous and the medium layers in the front are something that one would adore after getting it styled.

razored medium length pixie haircut

This is a very short pixie haircut that looks roughly styled and more like a tousled hair with a hair band. This kind of style will look trendier and more casual, if you are a person with much of a different style that will look unique then this is something for you!

short pixie cut with a hairband

The Pixie: Fashionable Women’s Haircuts Through the Years

Fashion is a cyclical thing, and hair is no different. Some styles, such as the now trending pixie cut, seem to stick around for decades. For the well-loved pixie cut, it’s no wonder it stays such a popular haircut for girls, as the cut look is both classic and classy, and still a lot of fun to wear. Throughout the years this great short hairstyle has changed a little, but it is still very similar to when it first became popular. It can be a lot of fun when looking for a new style to take a jaunt through the history of iconic cuts, like the pixie, so let’s see what a few vintage photos can show us!

Though women have been wearing short haircuts for centuries, it was very uncommon

It wasn't called a pixie quite yet when Hepburn wore it, but this style helped kick off the trend.

from the period that salons were invented (around the turn of the 20th century) until the 1950′s for women to wear short hair. This all changed in 1950, when Audrey Hepburn cut her gorgeous, famous hair short and spawned a wave of emulators. Audrey’s version of the famous pixie hairstyle is more of a proto-pixie, with the hair, including the bangs, kept very short indeed. This look is perfect for those who want a mature, close cut look that goes great with evening wear.

From there, the woman’s pixie hairstyle evolved rapidly, with pop icons like Twiggy, Mia Farrow and Florence Henderson (Carol Brady) sporting their own versions of the pixie. If you’re looking for a classic shape that is full of the fresh, sunny spirit of the 1960′s, consider a cut like one of these two. The Twiggy-style is more combed and perfectly placed, with a part on one side and leaving the bangs a bit longer than Hepburn. The Mia Farrow look is a bit shaggier and shorter than the Twiggy, though it retains the swept-to-one-side look. The Carol Brady pixie haircut came about when she cut the long locks at the back off of her hair and left the part in front, which was similar to the Twiggy. To achieve this look, you’ll want to keep the sides of the hair a bit long, cutting them into curving points in front of the ear.

Twiggy's pixie was more modern and sleek.

The 90′s saw a resurgence in the pixie, though this time the cut was a little more relaxed and a bit wilder. The 90′s pixie haircut for girls added the idea of coloring the hair (often bleach blonde or red) for the pixie style, and women like Linda Evangelista, Gwyneth Paltrow and Winona Ryder led the charge. For the 90′s style pixie, go a little more high fashion, with some product to lift it a little or keep it in place. The 90′s pixie is shorter than the 60′s for the most part, but you can always play around with it.

In the new century, the pixie has stuck around with a force, and people have gotten very creative with it. Dramatic sweeps, adding layers and unique ideas like pastel colored hair have become very popular. Big, swept bangs are definitely in right now, and combined with a light or dirty blonde, they can look spectacular. Michele Williams even did an upsweep into a point that looked very cool.

Gyneth Paltrow in her well-known 90's style pixie.

If you’re looking for modern women’s hairstyles, the pixie haircut for girls is a great place to start. Visit Theory Hair Salon for a consultation on the right pixie style for you, and find your way to a great new look for 2012.

Haircuts for short hair

Short hair is fun. And we have the stylists to prove it. We know short hair at Theory Hair Salon because we have all had short hair at one point or another.

Believe us, with a few tweaks here and there, you’ll be sporting the hottest and most fun hairstyle on the block. Keep reading for a some of the many choices in haircuts for short hair.

A shaggy bob gives, texture and minimizes bulk

We’ll start from the shoulders and work our way up.

If you want to keep decent length but, still want hair considered short, go for a shaggy, chin-length haircut. This will allow thick hair to look thinner, while giving movement and flow to an otherwise flat mane. If you have thin hair stay away from the layered cut. It will only make you wish you’d listened to us in the first place.

If you’re willing to play around a little, go for a bob. This haircut is easy to grow out and allows for tons of styling options. A bob is our signature cut and we love personalizing it for our customers. You can angle it softly for an A-line bob or drastically for an Angled bob. You can go for a 1920′s bob with a super short A-line bob or leave it a little longer and have an even line throughout, making it a short, blunt bob. Another bob option is to have a piecey, layered short bob, with or without bangs, depending on your face shape.

A very short angled bob, like Carey Mulligan's

That’s not to say these are the only options, just the most popular.

Last, we’ll talk about a few pixie cuts. The pixie, like the bob, has many versions and what one considers a pixie may not be another’s idea of it. There are different lengths, textures and dimensions to the pixie cut, which make it highly customizable.

The main feature is the high level of texture, meaning it has a sort of choppy, carefree, almost unkempt nature. That does not mean it can’t look clean, but it is meant to look less clean-cut than a typical male’s haircut. This is the big difference between a man’s cut and a pixie.

Pixie cuts are very feminine and can have many variations to suit your face type.

The longer pixie is what Ashlee Simpson in sporting in this picture. It is almost like a bob that went too short. We see key characteristics of the pixie here, like longer sideburns, side-swept bangs and a close-cropped back.

Going shorter, you’d get what Shannyn Sossamon had a while back. Longer in the front, and shorter than Miss Simpson’s, but still long and shaggy by the usual pixie’s standards.

We also have the classic pixie, which is a tie between Halle Berry and Jamie Lee Curtis. The former, longer on top, close cropped to the sides and in the back. The latter, short all over.

If you want something edgy, go for a cut like Ginnifer Goodwin’s. Close-cropped on the sides and back, very long and texturized on top. Gives it a very avante garde, punk rock feel without losing that girly touch.

The classic pixie

Whichever way you think about cutting your hair, one thing that should be obvious is coming into Theory Hair Salon. Take a look at our online hair gallery to get some inspiration and make an appointment with us. Get a free consultation so we can help you decide which short haircut is the right one for you!

Women hairstyles for short hair

It seems like when your hair is long, your styling options are endless, right? And then you cut it and you’re all “I can’t do anything with my short hair!”, but fret no more.

At Theory Hair Salon, most of us have worn our hair super short at one time or another. We know exactly what you’re going through, which is why we’ll throw out some ideas for you to get you through those “what the heck am I going to do with my hair today?” days.

For the pixies-

There are a few different pixie cuts to try, but mainly try to keep it layered and choppy with lots of texture and natural shaping. Unless you’re going for edgy, keep the stark length changes in check.

An edgy pixie cut is fun and looks super sexy

You could go the Halle Berry route and have a pixie with the high front, adding length to the face and accentuating small facial features. It is a very flattering cut to most faces, especially round ones. Stay away from this one if your face is long. It will only make it look longer.

Height at the top of the head add length to the face and accentuate delicate facial features

Or for a tamer look, try Michelle Williams’ cut. She has a more subdued cut that still offers versatility. It has less length on top, but still lots of texture and mini bangs that can go from boyish to ultra-feminine. It’s a very clean and polished look.

If you want to go edgy, go all out and try something like Ginnifer Goodwin. She has a ton of volume and length on top and super short, cropped sides. It is funky, fun and still very feminine.

Bob is the name-

Go for a bob! A bob is one of the most versatile haircuts and offers a lot of options. It is also great for very active ladies who may want something long enough to put into a ponytail or hold back with a headband.

Part to the side and pin back for an easy and sophisticated bob look.

There are different lengths and types of bobs: chin length, jaw length, blunt, asymmetrical, angled, inverted, curly, bangs or no bangs. The combinations are endless.

Adding some layers gives it volume and personality, in case you think short hair may lack variety and seems drab.

The point is, you CAN pull off that short hairstyle you’re thinking about. And we can help you achieve your look at Theory Hair Salon. We know short hair because we’ve worn it that way many times. We can tell you what works and what doesn’t, tailored to YOU! Let us help you pick out and plan your new style by setting up a free consultation.

Look through our gallery of short styles and see what your like!

Hairstyles for 2012

It seems that each year there is a revival of some era gone by. A few years ago we were reliving the eighties. Lately, we’ve been seeing trends from the nineties come back around.

For hair, it’s no different, except this time we’re playing with a lot of old and new trends. No specific decade here. There’s a little mod from the 60′s. A little bit peace and love from the 70′s, some 20′s sprinkled in as well, but all with a very NOW twist.

Braids don't have to be plain anymore!

We’ve already talked about hair color. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we’re seeing so far.

Braids- These are super popular for the summer and not just for the elementary school set. If you like a no-fuss, laid-back look that keeps your hair out of your face, this is THE style. This year’s braids are more romantic and artistic. Think less Pocahontas, more Dalí. A couple years ago we saw many a celebrity wearing their hair down and braiding the front of their hair as an easy, casual, coffee-run look. Now we are seeing all kinds of braids that are totally blowing our minds! Mermaid braids, double braids, braid up-dos, braid crowns. The possibilities have no bounds!

Side-pinned Waves are youthful, elegant and easy to achieve!

Side-Pinned Waves- This is a combination of post-World War glamour and 70′s free flowing locks. It is way more polished than the hippies wore their hair, but not as fussy or stiff as women would have chosen to make their locks look back then.

It offers volume, polish and  sexy side part with a youthful twist by adding a pin to the side. Make sure the hair is blown-out and volumized. Then add soft curls to the ends or subtle rounded waves to two-thirds of the hair to give that bounce that makes hair look silky and touchable.

Flapper bob- Back in the day, the flapper bob included short bangs, a curl on the forehead or very stiff finger waves. Today’s flapper bob is softer and has more volume (borderline frizz) to set itself apart from its old-time counterpart. The finger waves are definitely present in 2012′s version, but not as plastered down as before (think opposite of Betty Boop). It is going for a slightly messier look, while still preserving the length, which is ear lobe or jaw-line, and the angle–slightly shorter at the nape, ever-so-slightly angled at the front. Also, make sure to add a side part.

A chic way to wear a bob and stand out.

One of the most fashion forward looks of the year by far.

Boho Bangs- This look is messy on purpose. No sweet and groomed fringe here. It’s all about the devil may care attitude and these bangs reflect that. They’re on the longer side and are never too blunt.

Last, the pixie is still going strong. Last year it was all about the softer side of the pixie. This year, we look at more punk-rock versions and androgynous styles with short hair.

Be bold with your hair and let Theory Hair Salon be your go to place for look revival and hairstyle fun!


Hairstyles for Round Face

So your face has that youthful round shape that many covet, but few have. You think it’s a burden, but that’s only because you haven’t read this post yet. The trick any good stylist will tell you is making your hair work for you and not the other way around. Know your hair and it will do wonders for you. “But my face is round, I can’t do anything about that,” you say. You can’t (well, you could, but we’re a hair salon, not a plastic surgery office) but what you can do is make that fabulous mane work it’s magic for you.

At Theory Hair Salon, we have experts that know hair better than they know their mamas, so you can be sure you’re getting some professional advice here. Following are the do’s and don’t of styling for ladies with a round face.

1. Do: Keep your hair shoulder length or below the shoulders. This look elongates the face and keeps from adding too much volume.

The perfect length, not too straight, with a side part that angles the roundness of her face.

2. Don’t: Flat iron it until it’s pin straight. This will only make the roundness pop out even more.

3. Do: Cut it in long laters. Keep the shortest layer at your earlobe (no shorter, though). Short layers make your hair look outdated and add too much body to your hair which makes your face look–you guessed it–rounder.

4. Don’t: Wear your hair in BIG curls. They add too much volume and can be problematic by emphasizing features you want to tone down.

5. Do: Wear your hair in waves. They give you the same glam effect while deflecting roundness in the face.

Left: Waves and angled bangs, perfect for a round face. Right: Harsh pony tail leaves it all out there!

6. Don’t: Wear harsh ponytails. It leaves your face to fend for itself and is just a very harsh look, round face or not. Few can pull it off.

7. Do: Side part cuts into the width of face and elevated front adds length.

8. Don’t: cut your hair in a bob any shorter than your jaw. Always keep bobs below your chin.

9. Do: Ask your stylist for lots of layers. This adds a moderate amount of volume to your hair, without going overboard in either direction. Too flat and you have #2. Too much and you have #4.

10. Don’t: Wear wispy bangs.

11. Do: Keep your bangs skimming eye-level, thick and longer at the sides than the middle. This will keep them from visually cutting your face shorter, thus rendering it rounder. Also go for the long, angular or side-swept bangs.

Thick bangs and long hair with moderate volume elongate a round face like Nicole Richie's

12. Do: turn down the volume. And we don’t mean your favorite song. Make sure your hair isn’t at it’s most prominent anywhere near the temple and cheek area. This will only make your round face look more circular.

13. Do: Keep curly hair long if your face is round. Remember Keri Russell and her short curly hair. That didn’t go too well. And she has a face to pull off a potato sack dress. So don’t even go there. Just keep it long, layered and simple.

14. Don’t: Go for a super short pixie all around. Keep the sides shorter than the top, as it elongates the face.

15. Do: Come see the experts at Theory Hair Salon for a free consultation on how to make  that cute round face of yours look like a million bucks.

Austin Salon For Curly Hairstyles

Ah, curly hair. Some love you, others hate you, But no one can deny that you are quite the challenge for those of us blessed (or cursed) with you.

Having grown up with curly hair, I know all about the trials and tribulations of having not just the most unruly type of strands, but the thickest as well. It’s like my hair was not happy just being hard to manage, it needed to add volume on top of volume. WTF, hair?

But I can happily say that time, patience, technology and hair products have helped me overcome my aversion to curly hair and I now embrace it with open arms (and lot’s of frizz control creme).

Sarah Jessica Parker's curls are iconic, unruly and awesome

The key to styling curly hair is cut. You cannot and you will not change the way curly hair, so don’t try to reinvent the wheel and get a good haircut in with the appropriate layers for your curls. For medium to long hair, the top layer should be longer than your jaw and the following will be longer than that according to the overall length of your hair. Never go for same length curls or you will end up with pyramid hair. And not even Angelina Jolie can pull that off. And don’t get bangs that you don’t plan to straighten every day. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

For short hair, it depends on the texture, thickness and looseness of your curls. This will be up to you and your stylist, since only an in person consultation will give you a good idea of what short curly hair would look like. The only advice I can give you here is don’t go TOO short unless you’re up for the possible challenges. Remember Keri Russell’s super short cut way back when? We all know how that went. And then again there is Audrey Tautou who wore her curly hair short for some time and it looked so chic, so really, in person consultation is the way to go for this one.

Audrey Tautou wore a short curly pixie

Next, accept your curls. Once you accept the nature of your hair you will be able to think of different and beautiful ways to wear them. Curls are truly versatile and all you need to do is make sure they are not puffy or frizzy to give them a clean look.

There are many women that wear their hair curly and it makes them that much more stylish and daring. Think the Knowles sisters, Beyonce and Solange. They both wear curly hair in different ways, but they make it look SO chic.

Last, use the tools that are available to you. At Theory Hair Salon we pride ourselves in being an Aveda Concept Salon meaning we only use Aveda hair products on our clients and these are the only products we sell as well. We believe in these products and use them on ourselves! Aveda has a line for curly hair that does wonders and we recommend them to anyone wanting to flaunt their ringed locks. And it’s available at our salon.

Solange and Beyonce wear different curly 'dos, both look beautiful

Come in to Theory Hair Salon for a free consultation and we’ll make your curls look luscious and smooth.

How to style short hair

Are you on the fence about cutting your hair because you think you may not be able to do much with your look if you do?

Many people come to us and mention at one point or another that they have run out of ways to style their short hair. To that we say “nonsense!” Short hair is very versatile, despite what many think. It just takes the right details in your cut, some styling products and imagination.

A pixie combed to the front gives it a very edgy feel

There are different cuts you can try out, like a pixie, a bob or a short layered cut.

Very short hair can be combed to the front or to the side, giving it a drastically different feel.

You can wear a headband or smooth it over your scalp, giving a clean and chic effect or wear massage some texturizing pomade in it and make it messy and piecey.

If it’s slightly longer, then you can spike it a little, a la Halle Berry. Play with the sideburns and leave them just a bit longer and choppy to give dimension and personality.

Adding a bit of length to the front gives it even more styling versatility since it allows you to give your hair more direction and movement.

For a short bob that is jaw length you have more options since you can change your part more dramatically, part it in the middle (which definitely not an option with short hair, lest you’re looking for the Alfalfa ‘do), play with the texture, curl, straighten or accessorize.

Add curls and volume for a glamorous look

Curls are especially versatile, since they give your hair a completely different look. You can make them slight waves or big, voluminous rings.

Don’t forget you can also add volume, in a 60′s inspired way.

If your hair is naturally curly, wear it straight. Flat iron it and make it glossy or give it a softer look with a blowout.

Also, don’t be afraid to play with hair color to give your hair new life. A new shade can make all the difference and add movement and dimension to a style that’s boring you.

Either way, you can have an extremely versatile short haircut without sacrificing style! Come see the hair experts at Theory Hair Salon, where short hair is what we know best.

Check out our short hair gallery on our website for some inspiration and come in for a free consultation to see what we can do to get you and your short hair looking like a million bucks!

Best Hair Stylists for Short Hairstyles at Austin Aveda Salon

Some salons specialize in certain techniques, processes or styles. At Theory we know our stuff and we have personally worn our hair in many lengths and textures. Our personal experience allows us to understand how hair works when it is cut different lengths; particularly when it is short.

Rihanna’s short crop

Short hair can be a blessing or a curse and it all depends who you see to style it. Short hair done right can be fun, interesting, youthful, sexy, classic, professional, chic and versatile. You can achieve the right short cut for you, as long as you visit stylists that have have the experience and know how it’s done.

At Theory Hair Salon, we know how important it is when you’re going for a short look after years of wearing it long. It can be a BIG decision and you don’t want to leave that in the hands of inexperienced stylists. When you come to Theory for a consultation, we’ll go over all the different ways you can transition to short hair so that the style you want ends up just as you pictured it. We will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your results.

If you’re a short hair veteran, you probably already know what you like, don’t and how your hair works. Perfect! We want to listen to you and make sure we have as much feedback from you as possible, your hair can be as beautiful as you picture it.

Kristin Cavallari’s short bob

This process also requires a huge amount of honesty on our behalf. We cannot in good conscience give your a cut that would not be flattering to your features or that would not work with your hair type. Let’s say you have curly, curly, curly–we’re talking Solange Knowles curly–hair and you want a pixie that looks like Wynona Ryder’s back in the 90′s. We will give your our professional opinion (which would probably be a big “don’t do it”) and point you toward a better suited style for your hair. Or the other way around, let’s say you want to add more dimension to your short hair without scissors. We’ll tell you what your coloring options are!

The point is we know short hair like we know our moms, and we know them pretty well! We have worked on all kinds of people with all kinds of hair, different styles, preferences, you name it. Whether you’re looking for a pixie, a bob, short edgy layers or anything in between, we’ll make you look fantastic.

Jennifer Hudson’s short, chic style

Your hair is an important part of your look and presentation. It can make or break the look you’re going for. And most importantly, it should be fun for you! If you’re looking to break away from your boring hair routine and change things up with a short haircut, come see the short hair experts at Theory Hair Salon.

Around here we have a saying: Don’t be afraid to change, it’s just hair! Put your best fashion foot forward and book an appointment for a free consultation by calling: (512) 677-HAIR (4247).

Or pop by whenever you can at 500 Canyon Ridge Dr. Suite L200 Austin, TX 78753. We look forward to being part of your short hair transformation!

The Perfect Place to Get a Pixie Cut – Theory Hair Salon in Austin, TX

How many times have you looked at a picture of Halle Berry, Michelle Williams or more recently, Emma Watson wearing their short pixie cuts and just sighed as you turned the page, thinking “That is such a cute haircut, but I’d never be able to pull it off” ?

For years, I thought the same. I wanted to cut my hair short for such a long time but was never quite ready for it. I had so many excuses: my hair wasn’t the right type, it wasn’t the right cut for my face, I was afraid of having it look to boyish, no styling options…

Then one day, I just made up my mind and decided to go for it. This was no easy decision either: my hair was just past shoulder length at that point, so I was giving up quite a bit of mane.

I went to the salon and was appointed to Teresita. I told her about my hair type, the time I had to style it, how I wanted it to look and she gave me a few pointers. Finally, we settled on a mid-length pixie cut—not too close cropped, but not too shaggy either.

Emma Watson’s makeover looks fantastic on her

The results were stunning and I am convinced it was destiny that Teresita happened to be my stylist that day. Since then, and for two years now, Teresita and her sister Cecilia have been tending to my pixie cut.

Now they have opened Theory Hair Salon and I am the happiest ever because they are so close to my home. Each time I go, I know I will see either of them and that they will make sure my hair looks the best it can.

Teresita is currently sporting a purple pixie cut; although, who knows? Maybe next week it’ll be platinum blond! Cecilia is growing out a fiery, red inverted bob.

You may have made up your mind to get a pixie, but the next step it to find a place where you know you’ll get the highest quality cut and haircare for your new style. I cannot stress enough how important it is to put yourself in the hands of a professional who knows how to work a short, feminine cut. The last thing you want is to look in the mirror and realize you look like your dad, if he wore make-up!

Eeek!! Not a Pixie!!

The pixie cut is NOT a man’s cut. It is so much more delicate and can have many variations. The one thing that is consistent throughout is the texture. A pixie cut requires lots of texture to get that messy, slightly wispy look. Left with too much weight, the cut looks antiquated and, well, like a guy’s style.

I was lucky the first time to have landed with Teresita and Cecilia! Take my advice and don’t take risks with your hair. Go to the pixie cut experts at Theory Hair Salon, serving the North Austin, Round Rock and Pflugerville, TX area. You won’t regret it!