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Sensational Eva Longoria Hairstyles

The hot and sensational American actress Eva Longoria is one of the celebrities who have created a buzz about almost everything that she does. Right from her wardrobe malfunction in Cannes to her slim fit hot body, bikini photo shoots, or even her beautiful and shiny tresses. The beautiful and gorgeous long hair has always been an attraction but only when there are in a proper state, Eva’s hair is one of the loveliest examples of how beautiful a woman can look with a lovely looking hair. It is one of the most common dreams of every girl to own a shiny and a good-looking hair but not many are gifted with such a blessing. But it’s not that very difficult to maintain your hair when you know the means. Nowadays there are various hairstyling products and salons that work wonders with hair and one wouldn’t believe how their hair has turned into. Theory salon is one such fabulous hairdressers with the best products and stylists who will make your hair shine and look like a star.

In order to get your hair done like that of Eva Longoria you need to get them styled with long layers and curl them at the bottom to look like fabulous and chic. This is a beautiful hairstyle with side swept haircut with long layers. The layers are perfectly curled at the bottom to create uplift and look more voluminous.

eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle

A simple everyday ponytail can also look sexy when it is done right. With a slight uplift in the front and then tie the hair into a tight ponytail to make it look hot and will be suitable for your everyday work too.

eva_longoria_ponytail eva_longoria_ponytail

If you have considered messy bun as one of the old and out of fashion hairstyle, then its high time that you reconsider your thoughts, as messy buns suit not only for everyday hairstyle but you can also wear them to parties and on special occasions. Neatly combed hair that is lifted high into a messy bun will look gorgeous for almost anyone of any age.

Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo

This is a simple short hairstyle for short hair lovers, as you can give your bob cut a little more detail with lengthy layers in the front and tapered at the back. The side swept bob cut is also cute and good-looking.

Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles