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Sensational Eva Longoria Hairstyles

The hot and sensational American actress Eva Longoria is one of the celebrities who have created a buzz about almost everything that she does. Right from her wardrobe malfunction in Cannes to her slim fit hot body, bikini photo shoots, or even her beautiful and shiny tresses. The beautiful and gorgeous long hair has always been an attraction but only when there are in a proper state, Eva’s hair is one of the loveliest examples of how beautiful a woman can look with a lovely looking hair. It is one of the most common dreams of every girl to own a shiny and a good-looking hair but not many are gifted with such a blessing. But it’s not that very difficult to maintain your hair when you know the means. Nowadays there are various hairstyling products and salons that work wonders with hair and one wouldn’t believe how their hair has turned into. Theory salon is one such fabulous hairdressers with the best products and stylists who will make your hair shine and look like a star.

In order to get your hair done like that of Eva Longoria you need to get them styled with long layers and curl them at the bottom to look like fabulous and chic. This is a beautiful hairstyle with side swept haircut with long layers. The layers are perfectly curled at the bottom to create uplift and look more voluminous.

eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle

A simple everyday ponytail can also look sexy when it is done right. With a slight uplift in the front and then tie the hair into a tight ponytail to make it look hot and will be suitable for your everyday work too.

eva_longoria_ponytail eva_longoria_ponytail

If you have considered messy bun as one of the old and out of fashion hairstyle, then its high time that you reconsider your thoughts, as messy buns suit not only for everyday hairstyle but you can also wear them to parties and on special occasions. Neatly combed hair that is lifted high into a messy bun will look gorgeous for almost anyone of any age.

Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo

This is a simple short hairstyle for short hair lovers, as you can give your bob cut a little more detail with lengthy layers in the front and tapered at the back. The side swept bob cut is also cute and good-looking.

Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles




Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles – by Theory Hair Salon

It’s no big secret that celebrity hairstyles are always popular, and well they should be, with teams of people behind each one making sure that they’re always sporting great, fresh looking cuts. With the Internet making photos and info on celebrities just a click of the way, it’s also no wonder that people have flocked to the web to find out what their favorite stars are doing with their hair, and how to do it themselves. What you might not know, and may or may not surprise you, is which of these celebs are the most sought after for their hair! Here’s Theory Hair Salon’s list of the most popular celebrities for hair, according to our research. This is one for the ladies, guys, as each and every one of the eight top most-searched people is female.

Movie Star Hair

Halle Berry's iconic short look.

When you see a gorgeous woman up on the big screen showing off her amazing curls, or spectacular bangs, it’s not much of a mental jump to think “Hey, I could have that hair!” Three beautiful hugely talented women stand atop the rest in the world of film as hair icons, the first being the inimitable Halle Berry.

The look of Halle Berry hair has sent women running to the salon ever since she started showing up in television shows like Knots Landing, but it was really her starring roles in films like X-Men and Swordfish that had people going crazy for her look. Berry’s most famous look is the ultra-short and casual natural brunette style, almost a boy cut with some product to give shaggy lift, but she’s also been seen sporting shoulder-length hair, both wavy and straight.

Next on our list of film stars with great hair is Dawson’s Creek and Batman Begins love interest Katie Holmes. The signature Katie Holmes hair cut is a straight, sleek bob that goes just below the chin, with bangs either cut straight across or sideswept. However, we’ve also seen her grow her locks out long, sometimes even giving them an ultra-curly, bouncy look.

Like our other three film stars, Jessica Alba began her career in

Jessica Alba's big waves and curls are always stunning.

TV, but films like Sin City and Fantatsic Four brought this beauty even greater fame. Alba’s beautiful golden brown hair is often left very wavy and long, or put up in a classy updo. Jessica Alba hair is coveted by many, and it doesn’t take much looking to see why!

Looks from the Small Screen

Of course, some stars with searched-for hair are mostly known for their television roles, like these three wonderful women.

To start our list is TV’s own Kate Walsh, who began her career as a model in Japan and rocketed to fame with roles in The Drew Carey Show and Grey’s Anatomy. The iconic Kate Walsh hair is auburn with the cut being shoulder length or a bit longer, and either parted down the middle or on the side with no bangs. Kate Walsh’s hair is either straight or has big, luxurious waves.

An updo for MTV star Lauren Conrad.

One of the younger stars on our list is Lauren Conrad, whose semi-reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills made her a star before she was even 20. The Lauren Conrad hair style is one of the few blonde looks on our list, and her hair has gone from a dirty blonde to golden throughout the years. Lauren tends to go for the casual look, putting waves in with a curler or taking it up into a beach-appropriate style complete with chic braids.

Another TV star with hair to die for is Eva Longoria Parker, from the hit show Desperate Housewives. To get the Eva Longoria hair look, the locks should be a rich chestnut brown and kept long and wavy, in a straight graduated bob or in a formal updo, often with bangs left out and swept to one side.

Great Voice, Great Hair

Of course, we can’t leave out the singers! The last two on our

Carrie Underwood's look brings big Southern hair into the modern era.

Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles list are both songstresses with locks to love.

When Carrie Underwood won American Idol, everyone knew that she was going to make it big for years to come, and part of that celebrity status is her great hair. The well-known look of Carrie Underwood hair styles features the only other blonde coloring on our list, with a very light gold and a little bit of fashionable brunette roots. Underwood’s hair is layers and layers, keeping it big bouncy and wavy in an updated look of the formal country style.

We can't wait to see how Selena Gomez' hairstyle changes in the coming years!

Youngest on our list is new star Selena Gomez. Though Gomez got her start on the Disney Channel, but it’s her singing that has brought the girl into the limelight in a big way. The Selena Gomez hair color is a deep brown, almost black, but that’s about the only thing that stays the same with her hair. Perhaps the owner of the most dynamic hair styles on our list, Gomez has been seen in formal sideswept shoulder-length hair with waves, straight hair with blunt bangs, bobs, updos, pony tails, braids and even a chic pompadour.

And there you have it! The Top 8 most popular searches for celebrity hair on the Internet right now, all in one place. With these fashionistas for inspiration, you’re sure to find a style to bring into Theory Hair Salon and try out for yourself. Let’s make you a star!