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Dip Dyed Hair Color Takes Highlights to a New Level

There’s a new trend in hair coloring that we’ve been seeing at the Salon, and it might just be the coolest thing to happen to hair color in years. This hot new look combines a lot of the things we’ve loved over the last year when it comes to colored hair, and we think you’ll be crazy for it just like we are. It’s called dip dye hair color, and it’s just about as cutting-edge and fun as you can get with hair!

Rainbow dip dyed hair color is just too cool!

What dip dyed hair means is that only certain parts of the hair have been “dipped” and dyed with a color. This is different from most streaks or highlights, which typically use standard, natural hair colors, as it is typically done with bright, fun colors such as pastels or even neons. This gives hair an incredibly cool, ultra-modern look that can be styled almost any way you want and still stand out.

Dip dye is similar to ombre hair, in that it can be done in a gradient of color from the ends to the roots, but it’s not limited to that and is different in some significant ways. As opposed to ombre hair color, dip dye hair coloring can be solid from the root to the ends of hair or can even be a stark, barely faded contrast between the dye and the other hair color (instead of gradually fading). On top of this, it can be done with different colors on different strands, pretty much as many as you want to try!

Lady Gaga showing off white hair with gorgeous teal dip dyed tips.

You can do as many or as few pieces of hair as you want with dip dying. One of our very favorite looks is dying a large number of strands in a variety of complementary pastels to create a seriously gorgeous rainbow around your head. Another excellent look is to dye just a few pieces from end to end in colors that will complement or contrast with your underlying color in a great way; for instance seafoam green in black or blonde hair.

Celebrities have been quick to pick up the dip dye trend, and have been a major part of why it has turned into a world-wide phenomenon. Some notable examples of celebrity hairstyles with dip dyed hair include Drew Barrymore, who went with a less-extreme version by dying the ends of her brown hair with a dirty blonde color (with the blonde going various lengths into the hair) and Nicki Minaj, who went for a blonde look that suddenly turns bright pink in the last nine or ten inches.

If you think this look is as awesome as we do, it’s a snap for us to create at Theory Salon!

These pink-on-blonde dip dyed locks look stunning on this stylish girl.

We start with bleaching the part of your hair you’d like to dye, and then you just have to choose a color to get your dip dye going.

The best part about the dip dye look is that every result is going to be different, depending on the person and the hairstyle. Play around with a few ideas, and then bring them on into the salon. For cool, unique, fashionable hair color, dip dye is the way of the future, so give it a try!