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nicole richie eye length fringe

Iconic Celebrity Bangs Haircut You’ll Love To Try

Bangs haircut add more style and definition to your hairstyle and will give you a star like look. Bangs or fringes can be added to almost any type of hairstyle and you can make them look really good. Whatever maybe the length of the hair and whichever style you prefer to style your hair bangs will still look awesome and cool. These bangs can be short, chin length, eyebrows or eye skimming length, one that extends till your chin or layers of bangs that differ accordingly. Almost all the celebrities must’ve sported a hairstyle with a bang at least once in a while and it wouldn’t hurt if you try it once and this blog will make you fall in love with bangs and will make you try them instantly.

Look at this beautiful and voluminous hair of Kim Kadarshian with lovely beach like waves and eye skimming bangs, aren’t they gorgeous and captivating? Long hair with layers and bangs are something that one would instantly fall in love with!

kim kardashian beautiful bangs kim kardashian beautiful bangs

Lily Collins attractive hairstyle with a wavy hair and a cool updo is something that looks very pretty and in addition to this the lovely fringe in the front with layers makes it look cooler. The fine finish bang with length fringe at the corner makes it look even more attractive and trendy.

lily collins lengthy bangs lily collins lengthy bangs

Our first lady Michelle Obama is one of the iconic examples of stylish hairstyle and wardrobe, and this short hairstyle with eye skimming bangs in the front looks fantastic and very stylish.

Michelle Obama eyebrow skimming fringe Michelle Obama eyebrow skimming fringe

This is a classic style of thick bangs in the front that Taylor Swift has chosen to style her hair. The gorgeous thick hair with thick bangs looks absolutely fabulous and ravishing even though it is just simple and one of the classic styles.

taylor swift thick bangs style taylor swift thick bangs style

There are lot more stylish bangs that you can try with your hair and make them look even more stylish and sexier and to get it perfectly done, theory hair salon is one of the best places to get it your way!

Fix a haircut! – Austin/ Round Rock Hair Salon

Tried to cut your own bangs at home– nailed it. Not really. Hey, it happens. Whether it was the phone that rang the minute you were making the chop or you simply miscalculated, we all make mistakes.

Or say you were trying to get that awesome layered cut and you decided to go on YouTube and see how to do it yourself. Yeaaaah–no. Don’t do that.

Maybe what happened was that you went to a highly recommended salon and it turns out they made your hairdo into a hairDON’T. It happens and it is not a very good feeling. Worse, coming home and realizing that you could never style the new cut the way they did at the salon, so you’re stuck trying to find how to make your new ‘do work for you.

We can safely assume that most everyone has had a nightmare scenario (or three) like that. What we don’t all have is a group of powerhouse stylists that can help you right that wrong. You really don’t have to give up and wear a hat for the next 8 months until your scary new hair grows out.

A skilled stylist can easily work their magic on awkward shaped bangs, layers gone wrong, weird highlights, brassy blondes, reddish browns, lopsided bobs, and much, much more.

Let’s face it, no matter how brave and confident we usually are, a bad haircut is usually one of those things that will make us cower a bit. After all, it is something sitting on your head ALL day, right?

We would love to help you right a wrong and look how you originally intended. Stop missing out on the style you want and come see us. We’ll help you get that style back on track and looking every bit as fabulous as you.

Don’t forget that every cut at Theory Hair Salon comes with a complimentary bang/ neck trim so you don’t end up taking the scissors to your own hair again.

Schedule and appointment or come right over. We’ll have you in one of our stylists’ chairs and feeling better in no time.

Get More ‘Bang’ for Your Buck with Bangs at Theory Hair Salon- Austin, TX

What makes a hairstyle awesome? What gives it that little nudge from just OK to amazing? “It’s all in the details,” is what any experienced stylist will tell you. And it’s true! Sometimes all you need is just a little tweak in your hair color, a slight change in length or a different style of bangs that end up giving your hair a whole new look with very little effort.

Bangs are usually one of the most attention-drawing changes that don’t require much effort, they can be easy to grow out (depending on the type of bangs you choose) and they just give you much more bang for your buck (no pun intended).

Of course, not just any type of bangs will do and you have to select them according to your existing style and your hair type, amongst other points.

Curly haired gals are often steered away from getting bangs at all. This is because the shorter your curls, the more they tend to pop up, rather than fall down. Also, if your hair is damaged or very fragile and prone to breakage, you may want to stay away form bangs. They may end up showcasing bad hair health front and center.

These cases are not an unbreakable rule, though. There are always exceptions and they are worth discussing with our staff os experienced stylists. It is always good to get an expert’s perspective on what we believe to be our hair’s flaws. Sometimes, they may not even be that big of a deal. A great stylists knows when to work around obstacles and when to just steer clear.

Another point to take into account when choosing your bangs: Face shape. Some face shapes take to some types of bangs better than others.

Those with oval faces can usually wear any and all types of bangs. Think of this face shape as a neutral canvas. Of course, keep hair type, texture and condition in mind when you’re choosing and you should end up with a pretty fool-proof style.

Square faced gals will benefit from softer, bangs that in turn, soften the hard features.

Round faces will greatly benefit from lighter, longer bangs that wisp along the cheekbones. This effect will bring out features that otherwise may not be highlighted with a plain hairstyle.

Long faces will benefit from bangs that are just above the brows and cut bluntly. These will give the effect of a slightly wider face, which in this case is a good thing.

Square faces will look amazing with side swept, soft bangs. These bangs have the ability to soften sharp or hard features of the face.

Heart-shaped faces can pull of blunt bangs pretty well and most length of bangs will be suitable.

As we mentioned, please keep in mind hair type and texture considerations when choosing a style. Also, this isn’t a definitive guide, just some tips. For the real juicy info, you should come in for a FREE consultation so our team of experts can assess the whole look and give your their professional opinion.

You have absolutely nothing to lose except a boring cut! Check out our other articles on bangs for an even better look!

Fuller Hairstyles for Your Features – Austin, TX Salon

Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see a woman with long, luscious hair, so thick it even makes a Kardashian jealous.

A blunt, single-process color style helps your mane look fuller.

And sometimes it’s natural, sure. But more often than not, it’s done with some hairstyle savvy and some tricks of the trade. So if you’re craving thick locks, read on.

Extensions: These are the number one, go-to resource for celebrities that want thick, luscious, natural-looking hair. There are many techniques and types of hair extensions that are used to impart a thicker mane. But the constant remains– you are guaranteed to obtain a fuller hairstyle when you add extra hair to your head.

Blunt Hair: The thinner the hair, the less full it looks. Which is great if you have naturally thick hair. But if you’re looking for the opposite effect, then a blunt haircut may be the way to go for you. A blunt cut automatically looks thicker since it creates a sort of hair “wall” with sharp edges. Even if your hair isn’t naturally thick, the illusion of one single block of hair on your head immediately looks like a fuller style. If you think this may be the way to go for you, check out our blunt haircut posts. You’re bound to find some inspiration there.

Dark hair color can do wonders for your hair without costing you an arm or a leg.

Single process color: A great way to complement a blunt cut is by making it a single color. The less color layering (highlights/lowlights) the more hair you seem to have (visually, at least). This is a simple and very affordable way to add more hair without having to bite the price bullet every 6-8 weeks. Consider a darker hair color, since it tends to look more solid and is easier to maintain. It also is less damaging on your hair–which leads us to the next point.

Aveda Invati hair system: Aveda’s new line of haircare give your the shine, luster and fullness you want in three easy steps– shampoo, conditioner and leave-in revitalizer. Together, they reduce breakage and hair loss. This ground-breaking formulation, which contains turmeric, ginseng, wintergreen, millet and milk thistle will leave your hair feeling shiny and lustrous in no time. And your hairstyle looking fuller than ever.

Deep conditioning/ trimming ends: The better your take care of your hair, the healthier, thus less trimming necessary. Also, healthier hair is shinier and softer, and who doesn’t want that? Aveda Dry Remedy hair care is a great way to keep those strands in check and super soft.

Caring for your hair with trims, treatments and general TLC can make your strands break less, resulting in thicker, fuller hair.

Curls, curls, curls: You know who ALWAYS looks like they have thick hair? Those with curls! Anyone who has curls will tell you they usually need their hair thinned out. So make like a spring and style your hair with curls more often. It is probably the easiest and most affordable way to make your hair thicker at home.

There are many ways to achieve fuller looking hair. What you should always have at your side is a stylist that knows how to get the results you want. Theory Hair Salon is the place to go to achieve the fabulous, full hair you covet.

Modern Celebrity Haircuts With Bangs Are Adorable

Earlier in the week we showed you a closer look at three classic haircuts with bangs, but what about those looking to emulate a more modern bangs cut? As we mentioned before, bangs are almost always in style, which means that there is plenty to choose from when it comes to finding contemporary bangs-bearing icons to emulate. Starlets and celebrities of all kinds have sported some famous fringe in recent years, and three of our favorites at Theory Salon are Nicole Richie, Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel. Each of these well-known women is hugely popular with our customers, who often want to imitate their looks, so here’s a little about the amazing bangs each one is famous for.

She might be most famous for her clothes, but the Nicole Richie bangs look is just as spectacular as her duds.

While Nicole Richie might be best known for her famous father (crooner Lionel Richie) and former best friend Paris Hilton, Richie has also become a major fashion icon after her style was seen on her show The Simple Life. Though the show ended a few years ago, Richie’s style and personality turned her into a celebrity, and part of that are her beloved bangs. Richie’s famous look with bangs features fringe that hangs to just above her eyes and tapers softly on the sides. She usually keeps it feathery at the forehead, and though the cut is in a mostly straight line, it’s slightly textured as opposed to blunt. Richie has been famously seen wearing this cut in three ways: straight down, parted in the middle or sideswept. We particularly like the sideswept look for a short hairstyle with bangs.

Another famously blonde star of the screen is our next bangs-expert, except this time it’s the big screen she graces with her gorgeous locks. Reese Witherspoon is famous for her roles in films like Walk the Line and Cruel Intentions, and her amazing hair is usually

Another famous blonde bangs look. We just love Reese Witherspoon!

worn down and is generally shoulder length or a bit longer. Though her bangs are similar to Richie’s, there are a few distinct differences that make Witherspoon’s look all her own. First of all, her fringe is cut so that the longest pieces are in the middle, with a very slight taper out toward the sides of the face. She also keeps her bangs quite a bit lighter, with fewer pieces so they look fun and breezy. Speaking of pieces, the hair in her bangs generally falls into distinct, gorgeous little pieces instead of being wispy. Witherspoon almost always keeps her bangs ultra-sideswept in line with the part on the side of her head. For medium haircuts with bangs, the Witherspoon look is a must try.

The youngest star on our list of contemporary bangs icons is Zooey Deschanel, a brunette and a constant feature on both film and television. At the forefront of the indie-rock-cute, hipster-lite fashion movement, Deschanel’s hair has become a jumping off point for more than a few young fashionistas. Worn both straight and with gorgeous waves, Deschanel’s hair is usally

Deschanel's quirky attitude and cute bangs have made her a star.

down and somewhere between shoulder-length and a few inches longer. Her bangs are well-known for their blunt, straight across cut, and they tend to hang a little bit in front of the eyes for a bit of a mysterious effect. Though she will very rarely do a sideswept look with her fringe, typically Deschanel keeps her bangs unparted, though she does tend to give them a bit of volume so that they don’t just hang straight down, but curve off the top of the head. This gives her a bit of a retro 50′s look, and it’s one of our very favorites for a long hairstyle with bangs.

From classic looks like what we showed you earlier this week to those of these inarguably up-to-date three women, bangs are definitely a must-try for any girl thinking about a new look. Hairstyles with bangs rarely fall out of fashion, and we love the way they can transform a person’s whole look with just a little manipulation. Come try out one of these great looks at the Salon for yourself and do something fun for your hair today!

Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs – Iconic Bangs You’ll Love to Wear!

We just love it at the Salon when everything about a great haircut comes together and just looks spectacular, and a very important part of that process is what to do about bangs. While you can always opt out of having bangs, we just can’t get enough of bangs done right, and lucky for lovers of the look, bangs are definitely in style right now. In fact, bangs almost never go out of style and can be seen throughout history on some of the most influential fashionistas. These celebrity haircuts with bangs can often become iconic, and they’re excellent as inspiration for your next look.

Elizabeth Taylor was a fashion and film titan and is well-loved by her fans.

Few haircuts in history have been so firmly entrenched in the mind of the public as that of Hollywood icon Liz Taylor when she played the sultry Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the film of the same name. While Liz’s hair famously featured big curls and waves in her normal life, her portrayal of Cleopatra included straight, black shoulder-length hair with nearly blunt, slightly curving bangs. This cut is a classic, and is one of the best medium hairstyles with bangs. The original was, of course, jet black and featured sleek, straight hair, but we think this look is also dynamite with hair of almost any color, and it can be modified with a part or a ruffled look.

Similar to the Liz Taylor look, but updated and made more edgyis that of

Sultry just doesn't cut it when talking about Peggy Moffitt's incredible look.

Peggy Moffitt, one of the most influential models in history. Moffitt was known for her exciting, energetic fashion photos, and part of her intense draw were her amazing, cutting edge bangs. Moffitt’s most famous look included a sleek, boyish haircut made feminine with bangs cut blunt to just above the eye. These had a slight curve that ended at the temple and reversed back up again to the ear, making a point. Unlike Taylor’s, Moffitt kept her hair very short, making this one of the coolest retro short hairstyles with bangs. Moffitt also famously sported asymmetrical bangs in some of her most well-known shots, leaving the bangs long enough on one side to cover an eye and the top of the cheekbone. This look is super high-fashion and is still guaranteed to wow.

Birgitte Bardot and her ever-popular blonde bangs.

No article on bangs would be complete without mentioning the lovely and talented Brigitte Bardot, who had a very different look from our other two iconic wearers of fringe. This actress/model’s big, expressive eyes and pouty lips helped her become one of the most famous sex symbols of the century, an accomplishment that was helped out in part by her beautiful hair. Bardot typically kept her hair long, either letting it down or wearing it in a fun, bouncy 60′s updo. She’d complement these looks with gorgeous wispy, blonde bangs that typically fell to below her eyes or a bit longer. Bardot almost always parted her bangs directly down the middle, letting them lightly sweep out to either side and frame her face. Sometimes, Bardot would leave a few pieces of her bangs much longer on the outside edge of her face, making the framing effect even greater. Perhaps one of the best known haircuts with bangs, it has been endlessly copied since it was first spotted.

These three ladies are, of course, only a small fraction of the millions of women that have worn a great cut with bangs, but there’s no doubt that all three wore some of the most memorable bangs haircuts ever. On top of being massively influential in their respective fields, these women (literally) shaped the way that an incalculable number of women would wear bangs, and we think the world of hair is much better off for it! If you’re thinking about bangs for your own hair, you simply can’t go wrong by imitating one of these classic beauties, so pick a look and bring it on into the Salon for a knockout fringe cut.

Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles – by Theory Hair Salon

It’s no big secret that celebrity hairstyles are always popular, and well they should be, with teams of people behind each one making sure that they’re always sporting great, fresh looking cuts. With the Internet making photos and info on celebrities just a click of the way, it’s also no wonder that people have flocked to the web to find out what their favorite stars are doing with their hair, and how to do it themselves. What you might not know, and may or may not surprise you, is which of these celebs are the most sought after for their hair! Here’s Theory Hair Salon’s list of the most popular celebrities for hair, according to our research. This is one for the ladies, guys, as each and every one of the eight top most-searched people is female.

Movie Star Hair

Halle Berry's iconic short look.

When you see a gorgeous woman up on the big screen showing off her amazing curls, or spectacular bangs, it’s not much of a mental jump to think “Hey, I could have that hair!” Three beautiful hugely talented women stand atop the rest in the world of film as hair icons, the first being the inimitable Halle Berry.

The look of Halle Berry hair has sent women running to the salon ever since she started showing up in television shows like Knots Landing, but it was really her starring roles in films like X-Men and Swordfish that had people going crazy for her look. Berry’s most famous look is the ultra-short and casual natural brunette style, almost a boy cut with some product to give shaggy lift, but she’s also been seen sporting shoulder-length hair, both wavy and straight.

Next on our list of film stars with great hair is Dawson’s Creek and Batman Begins love interest Katie Holmes. The signature Katie Holmes hair cut is a straight, sleek bob that goes just below the chin, with bangs either cut straight across or sideswept. However, we’ve also seen her grow her locks out long, sometimes even giving them an ultra-curly, bouncy look.

Like our other three film stars, Jessica Alba began her career in

Jessica Alba's big waves and curls are always stunning.

TV, but films like Sin City and Fantatsic Four brought this beauty even greater fame. Alba’s beautiful golden brown hair is often left very wavy and long, or put up in a classy updo. Jessica Alba hair is coveted by many, and it doesn’t take much looking to see why!

Looks from the Small Screen

Of course, some stars with searched-for hair are mostly known for their television roles, like these three wonderful women.

To start our list is TV’s own Kate Walsh, who began her career as a model in Japan and rocketed to fame with roles in The Drew Carey Show and Grey’s Anatomy. The iconic Kate Walsh hair is auburn with the cut being shoulder length or a bit longer, and either parted down the middle or on the side with no bangs. Kate Walsh’s hair is either straight or has big, luxurious waves.

An updo for MTV star Lauren Conrad.

One of the younger stars on our list is Lauren Conrad, whose semi-reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills made her a star before she was even 20. The Lauren Conrad hair style is one of the few blonde looks on our list, and her hair has gone from a dirty blonde to golden throughout the years. Lauren tends to go for the casual look, putting waves in with a curler or taking it up into a beach-appropriate style complete with chic braids.

Another TV star with hair to die for is Eva Longoria Parker, from the hit show Desperate Housewives. To get the Eva Longoria hair look, the locks should be a rich chestnut brown and kept long and wavy, in a straight graduated bob or in a formal updo, often with bangs left out and swept to one side.

Great Voice, Great Hair

Of course, we can’t leave out the singers! The last two on our

Carrie Underwood's look brings big Southern hair into the modern era.

Top 8 Celebrity Hairstyles list are both songstresses with locks to love.

When Carrie Underwood won American Idol, everyone knew that she was going to make it big for years to come, and part of that celebrity status is her great hair. The well-known look of Carrie Underwood hair styles features the only other blonde coloring on our list, with a very light gold and a little bit of fashionable brunette roots. Underwood’s hair is layers and layers, keeping it big bouncy and wavy in an updated look of the formal country style.

We can't wait to see how Selena Gomez' hairstyle changes in the coming years!

Youngest on our list is new star Selena Gomez. Though Gomez got her start on the Disney Channel, but it’s her singing that has brought the girl into the limelight in a big way. The Selena Gomez hair color is a deep brown, almost black, but that’s about the only thing that stays the same with her hair. Perhaps the owner of the most dynamic hair styles on our list, Gomez has been seen in formal sideswept shoulder-length hair with waves, straight hair with blunt bangs, bobs, updos, pony tails, braids and even a chic pompadour.

And there you have it! The Top 8 most popular searches for celebrity hair on the Internet right now, all in one place. With these fashionistas for inspiration, you’re sure to find a style to bring into Theory Hair Salon and try out for yourself. Let’s make you a star!

Try a New Hair Style at Theory Hair Salon – Austin, TX

There’s a certain appeal to routine. It’s nice to wake up every day and know that some things are just going to happen, no if’s, and’s or but’s. Like brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. Those things should happen every.single.day. But how about your hairstyle? Are you stuck in a rut? Even if you don’t sport a brand new style each day, you may want to switch it up every once in a while for several reasons, actually.

Rihanna is notorious for changing up her hairstyles constantly!

For one, you risk getting mega bored with your look. Sure, it’s fine to have a go-to style, your “old faithful”, your bff ‘do. That hairstyle you can always rely on no matter the occasion or how bad your hair day. That’s one to have up your sleeve and repeat often, especially if you don’t always have a lot of time to dedicate to your hair.

The problem is when you constantly rely on the same look day after day, you get stuck in a repetitive cycle that may even end up damaging your hair. Not to mention your creativity.

Whether you skim magazines, the Internet or movies, hair inspiration is to be found in many places and cane easily help you move into a different place with your mane. Sometimes there is that one celebrity that is constantly wowing you with their hair or someone with hair like yours, or your style twin. The point isn’t that you hair looks exactly like someone else’s– it’s that you make it your own and imprint your personality and style onto it.

No matter what your particular flavor, we at Theory understand the diversity of likes and dislikes of our customers. We know that with each client comes a set of requirements, be it time, ease, look, feel or anything else for that matter.

Try some long bangs, like Rachel Bilson's.

It’s important that you have a few ideas of what you like and a realistic expectations as well. As much as we like to think of ourselves as artists, there is only so much you can do with your hair if your daily styling time is 5 minutes.

That being said, we’ll make sure you know how to make the most of your new style in 5 minutes, if that’s all you have.

Whether your hair is straight, curly, or it can’t make up it’s mind, we are here to help you change things up just a bit or a lot! It all depends on how far you want to push the boundaries.

Try a trim or a whole new style! Permanent all-over color or just some highlights. Balayage or color block. It’s up to you and your comfort zone. Consider us your guides to a new chapter in the life of your hair.

Come to Theory Hair Salon and let us help you turn a new page in the story of your hair. Call and schedule or walk in!

Versatile Side-swept Bangs for You at Theory Hair Salon – Austin, TX

Bangs; you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. But no doubt, they can change your look like no other tweak.

There are different types of bangs to choose from, varying in length, thickness and cut.

One of the most flattering type of bangs is the sideswept kind. They are soft, carry the same beauty-enhancing benefits as regular or blunt bangs and have the extra bonus point that they can be styled a few different ways.Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel have blended sideswept bangs

Sideswept bangs can be styled in any direction and have the upside that they can move whichever way a ‘cowlick’ makes them go. No more fighting nature to get them to stay straight all spaghetti-like.

Many celebrities over the years have sported sideswept bangs, including Cameron Diaz, Taraji P. Henson and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few. That is because it is so accommodating to different hair types. Unless you have curly hair, you can rock sideswept bangs. The only condition is they cannot be wispy. Otherwise they will give you that dreaded 90′s mall look. Glamour Shots, anyone? We didn’t think so.

They are very flattering to square and heart-shaped faces–which is why Ms. Witherspoon is such a great example of these bangs. They soften very harsh angles in these faces, such as sharp cheekbones and a pronounced jawline.

There are a few different lengths that you can play with:

-Cheeckbone length: Make sure these have two layers in them; top layer is shorter than the bottom. And also the ends should be texturized by channeling, meaning we hold the scissors vertically, so the finishing cut isn’t blunt.

Kelly Rowland and Claudia Schiffer work the layered, eyebrow-grazing bangs

-Eyebrow grazing: These go slightly past your eyebrows, and really, they graze your eyelashes. What this has is an eye-opening effect. It makes your eyes stand out (in a good way!) all while being low maintenance and easy to pin back.

-Blended: Not really a length, rather a thickness option. These bangs are slightly less heavy than the previous ones and blend into your hair very subtly through layers. They are lighter, yet still provide the coverage that regular bangs do.

Bangs don’t have to turn your hair routine into a nightmare each morning. They really can do wonders for your style. And they add a ton of pizazz without a very drastic change. If you’re wondering what kind of bangs to get, we recommend you come into  Theory Hair Salon for a free consultation.

We’ll be happy to assess your hair type, face shape and time available so you can decide which type of bangs would work best for you.

At Theory Hair Salon in North Austin, we strive to make each and every one of our clients happy with their look. If you look your best, you feel amazing. That is our goal! Call and schedule an appointment or walk in! –(512) 677-4247.

Medium Hair

A medium hairstyle is simple, elegant and practical. You get the benefits of a shorter cut–originality, edginess and a youthful look–and the benefits of long hair–versatility for wearing it up or down, styling options like curls, waves or flat iron and color becomes more fun to play with.

No doubt about it, medium hair is a length that anyone can rock. With the help of North Austin’s best salon–Theory Hair Salon–and a little know-how, you’ll be sporting the chicest look on the block.

A medium hairstyle has no bounds and what you can do with long hair can (most of the time) be translated into medium hair. Here are a few options of what you can do with it:

Three layers and long bangs are sophisticated and versatile

-Tiered layers and long bangs: If your hair is down to your shoulders or a little bit past, you can add three main layers–cheekbone, chin and shoulders. The layer that skims your cheekbones will serve as your long bangs and the styling options are pretty much endless: mid-part, side part, loose waves, curls, straight, ponytail, bun. You pick what suits you best.

-Shag: This medium hairstyle’s main characteristic is its heavily feathered ends. It can work for shorter hair down to hair at jaw-length. It requires some layering but not too much which turns out to be good for thin haired gals. You can leave the bangs out, but adding some side swept bangs really takes it to another level. The longest layer is even, so no angling at the nape.

-A long bob (lob) with volume: This is for medium hair on the longer side. Unlike other styles that add layers starting pretty high up, this cut’s layers begin at the chin and they’re not that visible. What that does is it gives the cut a blunt look, while adding volume at the bottom. This haircut can work for almost any hair type. Curlier gals should keep the layers as long as possible and ladies with longer faces should have the layers start at the jaw.

Anne Hathaway wears a layered, long bob

-Single length hair with deep bangs: This haircut frames heart shaped faces and allows for the bangs to downplay larger foreheads. The single length can be very versatile since there are no layers to style. The bangs are blunt and start further back than most but not too much.

-Face-framing layers: This look has layers that begin at the chin and are very piecey. The ends are thinned out, which makes for a flattering cut for women with thicker hair. Bangs would detract from this particular cut, so you probably want to forego them here.

As always, take yourself to the best salon in North Austin–Theory Hair Salon–to get the best medium hairstyle of the season. Walk in or schedule a free consultation with us. Your hair will thank you!