rodrigo santoro classic hairstyle

Glamorous Men’s Hairstyle That We Love

One of the major attractive features of men is their hair, and where women have loads of accessories and makeup to make them look beautiful, all men have is their hairstyle and clothing. Of course, fine shoes, and simple accessories can make men look stylish but isn’t hair one of the major factors that play with the looks of men? In order to bring out the best style that will best suit the hair texture, and the facial feature it is highly recommended to choose a professional who will make a best cut! There are umpteen numbers of styles that can be styled with that short hair and make it look modern, classic, or a blend of both. Listed below are some of the celebrity hairstyles that we have loved all time and wished for one such hairstyle.

Bradly Cooper with his lovely brunette locks of hair with voluminous roots in the front that are parted elegantly in the center which is symmetrical on both sides makes it look stylish and adorable. This is the kind of hair that most women would love to brush their hands through it!

bradley cooper brunette locks bradley cooper brunette locks

Davis Beckham has always been admired for his finest choices of hairstyle that he comes up with every time. Looking handsome with a short hair is something exquisite and he is one good examples to quote, and the short neatly back combed hair is something that men should try once.

david beckham short slick hair david beckham short slick hair

Robert Pattinson with the disheveled hair and uneven layers that has peeked up makes it look glamorous too. Wouldn’t the teen boys love to dress up in such a way to make them look stylish, modern and attractive?

robert pattinson disheveled locks of hair robert pattinson disheveled locks of hair

Tom Cruise with a classic hairstyle that men have styled all these years still looks great and simple. The decently combed hair that is well maintained and styled perfectly neat is one of the classic styles that everyone can try without fear.

tom cruise simple attractive hair tom cruise simple attractive hair
side parted layered hair

Adorable Medium Hairstyles For Women

Medium hairstyles are most preferred and safest option for most women, as they feel secure and beautiful with a medium length hair. Also, many wouldn’t risk chopping their short and also consider long hairs to be a high maintenance, for these reasons medium hairs are easiest, safest and beautiful option to consider. One can style a medium length hair in various ways and make it look beautiful. You can also add hair extensions, color them in vibrant colors or just highlight with your favorite shade to make it look more glamorous and trendy. The advantage of medium hair is that they will look cool with any type of style, clothing and occasion where the short and long hairs might not play safe.

This is a beautiful straight hair with a medium length hairstyle that makes it look sleek and stylish. The side parted front fringes add more glam to the beautiful looking hair along with the slight layers in the front to make the hair look lengthy and trendy.

beautiful medium length hair beautiful medium length hair

Center partition will look great if you prefer to go with that style, unlike the side partition, the center partition hairstyle needs to the symmetrical on both sides to make it look neat and fabulous. This is a beautiful wavy hair with that looks like tousled edges of beautiful beach waves, which will look simple and elegant on any occasion.

medium wavy hair medium wavy hair

Isn’t this side-partitioned hairstyle looking stylish? The beautiful layers of hair makes it look much more sexier than the usual bob style hair cut, and adds more detail and style to the hair. This kind of style will make you look younger and beautiful, in addition to giving your hair a new makeover.

side parted layered hair side parted layered hair

How about this trendy medium hairstyle that makes the bob cut look much different, and fabulous! The layers and the length bottom layers that extends till the shoulder length makes it look longer and voluminous at the top.

trendy medium hairstyle trendy medium hairstyle
nicole richie eye length fringe

Iconic Celebrity Bangs Haircut You’ll Love To Try

Bangs haircut add more style and definition to your hairstyle and will give you a star like look. Bangs or fringes can be added to almost any type of hairstyle and you can make them look really good. Whatever maybe the length of the hair and whichever style you prefer to style your hair bangs will still look awesome and cool. These bangs can be short, chin length, eyebrows or eye skimming length, one that extends till your chin or layers of bangs that differ accordingly. Almost all the celebrities must’ve sported a hairstyle with a bang at least once in a while and it wouldn’t hurt if you try it once and this blog will make you fall in love with bangs and will make you try them instantly.

Look at this beautiful and voluminous hair of Kim Kadarshian with lovely beach like waves and eye skimming bangs, aren’t they gorgeous and captivating? Long hair with layers and bangs are something that one would instantly fall in love with!

kim kardashian beautiful bangs kim kardashian beautiful bangs

Lily Collins attractive hairstyle with a wavy hair and a cool updo is something that looks very pretty and in addition to this the lovely fringe in the front with layers makes it look cooler. The fine finish bang with length fringe at the corner makes it look even more attractive and trendy.

lily collins lengthy bangs lily collins lengthy bangs

Our first lady Michelle Obama is one of the iconic examples of stylish hairstyle and wardrobe, and this short hairstyle with eye skimming bangs in the front looks fantastic and very stylish.

Michelle Obama eyebrow skimming fringe Michelle Obama eyebrow skimming fringe

This is a classic style of thick bangs in the front that Taylor Swift has chosen to style her hair. The gorgeous thick hair with thick bangs looks absolutely fabulous and ravishing even though it is just simple and one of the classic styles.

taylor swift thick bangs style taylor swift thick bangs style

There are lot more stylish bangs that you can try with your hair and make them look even more stylish and sexier and to get it perfectly done, theory hair salon is one of the best places to get it your way!

emma watson retro bob style

Attractive Bob Hairstyles For Women

Bob hairstyles are one of the most coolest and trendy hairstyles that women can sport. Also, not many of them are ready or open enough to chop their hair into something short and sleek, but if you are ready to venture your style then this blog is something that you would love! It is not necessary that bob hairstyles need to be something of a classic and same old sleek model that you will easily get bored, but you can ask your stylist to add some style like you would normally do with a long or a medium length hair.

Bob hairstyles can be made to look classic, trendy, hot and stylish with various types of cuts like one with fringes, layers, sleek straight one and lots more to explore. Additionally hair colors and extensions can add some more style to the already beautiful bob. All this can become possible only if you are confident with your stylist and one who can make your confidence come true. Theory hair salon is one such salon where the professional stylists play tricks with your hair to make them look stylish and also make you look like a star with the stylish haircut.

Alexa chung’s shaggy bob cut with center partition and hair colors give the simple cut a more definitive look and style. This type of hair cut can be tried on those with wavy or even curly hairs and the front fringes can be made short or lengthy based on the style you wish to go for.

Alexa chung shaggy bob cut Alexa chung shaggy bob cut

This is a simple chin length sleek bob cut that will look stylish and beautiful. This classic style bob cut is never out of style and can be sported in any season or all round the year. The beautiful shiny and silky straight hair will look gorgeous in this style.

chin length bob cut chin length bob cut

Gwen stefani’s medium length bob cut with beautiful layers and quiet long fringes in the front makes it look stylish and chic.

gwen stefani layered bob cut gwen stefani layered bob cut

This is another bob style hair cut with bouncy curls at the bottom of the hair and added layers that makes it look very cute and lovely.

pixie lott bob with curls pixie lott bob with curls


long straight hairstyle of rihanna

Elegant Long Hairstyles For Women

Long hairstyles have always been admired, as they look graceful and elegant. Traditionally women had long hairstyles that later were styled into various ways to make them look very trendy, modern and lavish. Though it is not quiet easy to maintain a long hair like you can do with a short style, still it is always loved and gifted to own a long beautiful hair. With proper products and style a simple long hair can be turned into something gorgeous and worthy of looks. Moreover there is a major advantage of owning a long hair as you can easily turn them into any style you wish for, be it a braid, updo, bun or something that is free flowing, long hairs suits them all.

This is a beautiful side partitioned layered hair that will look elegant and beautiful for those soft straight hair textures. The side swept hair with neat layers adds more elegance and beauty to the style.

layered hairstyle layered hairstyle

This is a beautiful and simple long hairstyle with side fringes that is side swept in a way that it partially covers the face. The beautiful curls at the fringes make it look very pretty and elegant. You can do this at home by blow-drying your hair at the edge of the fringes with a rolling comb and keep them in place with hair sprays.

long hairstyle with side swept fringe long hairstyle with side swept fringe

This is a beautiful wavy hair with lovely long layers. The beach waves hairstyle with neat side partitioned hair with hair color makes it look cool for spring and will make your wavy hair look luxuriously beautiful.

long wavy hairstyle long wavy hairstyle

This is a long curly hairstyle with cute bangs in the front to give you a modern finish and something that will make the curls look even lovelier. If you are one who long for lovely curls then you can blow dry your hair and get a curly hair look by making use of large sized rollers for big beautiful curls.

long curly hairstyle with bangs long curly hairstyle with bangs

There are many more beautiful long hairstyles to explore and visiting theory hair salon will fetch you the benefit of gaining the best style that you will instantly fall in love with.


michelle-williams_pixie crop

Stylish Short Hairstyles For Women

Women always love exploring new styles and love to be pampered with something that is stylish and according to the current trend, but there is one thing that most women fear is to try a short hairstyle in a fear that it might turn out into a disaster. If you just think and rewind over the past, then one should admit that we all have had short hairstyles at least once in our lifetime. Trying a short hairstyle isn’t harmful unless you get it done from a professional stylist who knows how to handle every hair type and texture. Theory hair salon with their team of expert stylists who work wonders with hair and hair products can do miracles on your hair with their expertise in that particular arena. Choosing the hair style that will best suit your style, looks and age all matters in that case. A good hairstyle should further enhance your looks and shouldn’t ruin the earlier one. Listed below are some of the beautiful hairstyle that are short and chic, which is very much comfortable for your day to day work and will look trendy too!

Anne Hathaway sported a super cool quiff style with upward styled hair. This short hair with lifted voluminous roots at the front is something that will make you look super hot sexy and you can also style them into a retro like style with this kind of hairstyle.

anne-hathaway_quiff style anne-hathaway_quiff style

This is one of the most daring hairstyle to have it done short like a boy crop, if you are ready to give it a shot then get it done. This will give you a trendy look with a perfect clothing and an appropriate make up to match the style.

short boy crop style short boy crop style

Elizabeth Moss short soft side swept hairstyle is something that many will love to give it a try. The long side swept bangs in the front is something that will boost the look of the hairstyle furthermore.

elizabeth moss short hairstyle elizabeth moss short hairstyle

Emma Watson had stunned us with a short crop that created a buzz and trying out something like this once in a while will give you a change in looks and will make you look younger and sexier.

emma watson_short hair emma watson_short hair



twisted braids

Glamorous Hairstyles For Women

Hairstyles for women always have numerous options and the stylists either strive to create an entirely new style, reinvent the old one or go for retro fashion. Whatever maybe the option of hairstyle for women they have always been pampered with various styles and yet there is quench for more and something new for every season or occasion.

Choosing the best hairstyle has always been a confusing task as the one you choose may not be styled properly by your stylist or you may not like the one that your stylist does. Even if both coincide well, you may get bored with it very soon. Listed below are some of the hairstyles that will make you look simple, gorgeous and stylish no matter what the season and style maybe.

Braids and buns have always remained in a special place in the list of hairstyles for women and this something that blends to the two to create a new style. Fusion of styles will create something unique on its own at last and this falls into one such category. The simple braid on either side that are joined with a rose shaped lovely little bun in the center and then descends down into a single braid till the bottom of the hair. This will look simple and will suit almost everyone with any type of hair.

braids with bun hairstyle braids with bun hairstyle

Take a look at this burberry model with a simple and chic hairstyle that is very convenient to maintain and looks sexy too. The short hairstyle with a layered crop that looks more like a feather cut on a lengthy hair suits so perfectly well for this short hairstyle.

layered crop hairstyle of a burberry model layered crop hairstyle of a burberry model

Stylish hair colors are something that makes you look like a celebrity and these bright hair colors are something to opt for when you want a glamorous and hot style. These short fringes in the front and a messy ponytail or bun at the back will look stylish and different too!

layered front fringes layered front fringes

As said earlier, buns always own a special place and this messy bun updo with a voluminous look at the roots of the hair in the front will look great when accessorized with a tiara or a hair band. The cute looking tiara with this kind of style will make you look like a princess on a prom night.

messy bun hairstyle with tiara messy bun hairstyle with tiara

Take few strands of hair and slightly twist them and keep them in place with pins or hair clips. This hairstyle can be made to look more gorgeous with accessories like a golden band, flowers, beads etc to make it look furthermore pretty.

twisted hairstyles twisted hairstyles






Sensational Eva Longoria Hairstyles

The hot and sensational American actress Eva Longoria is one of the celebrities who have created a buzz about almost everything that she does. Right from her wardrobe malfunction in Cannes to her slim fit hot body, bikini photo shoots, or even her beautiful and shiny tresses. The beautiful and gorgeous long hair has always been an attraction but only when there are in a proper state, Eva’s hair is one of the loveliest examples of how beautiful a woman can look with a lovely looking hair. It is one of the most common dreams of every girl to own a shiny and a good-looking hair but not many are gifted with such a blessing. But it’s not that very difficult to maintain your hair when you know the means. Nowadays there are various hairstyling products and salons that work wonders with hair and one wouldn’t believe how their hair has turned into. Theory salon is one such fabulous hairdressers with the best products and stylists who will make your hair shine and look like a star.

In order to get your hair done like that of Eva Longoria you need to get them styled with long layers and curl them at the bottom to look like fabulous and chic. This is a beautiful hairstyle with side swept haircut with long layers. The layers are perfectly curled at the bottom to create uplift and look more voluminous.

eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle eva-longoria-long-side-swept-curly-hairstyle

A simple everyday ponytail can also look sexy when it is done right. With a slight uplift in the front and then tie the hair into a tight ponytail to make it look hot and will be suitable for your everyday work too.

eva_longoria_ponytail eva_longoria_ponytail

If you have considered messy bun as one of the old and out of fashion hairstyle, then its high time that you reconsider your thoughts, as messy buns suit not only for everyday hairstyle but you can also wear them to parties and on special occasions. Neatly combed hair that is lifted high into a messy bun will look gorgeous for almost anyone of any age.

Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo Eva-Longoria-Loose-High-Bun-Updo

This is a simple short hairstyle for short hair lovers, as you can give your bob cut a little more detail with lengthy layers in the front and tapered at the back. The side swept bob cut is also cute and good-looking.

Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles Eva-Longoria-short-Hairstyles




Medium hairstyle

All Time Trendy Medium Hairstyles

Get uplift with super trendy medium hairstyles if you are particularly scared of a short hair. Moreover, medium hairstyle suits everyone and you can match it with any type of clothing or style. There are various medium hairstyles that will give you a trendy look, which will stay even after the season changes. Many celebrities opt for a medium hairstyle as they are easier to maintain and will look great too. You can style them any way you wish and turn them into a pin straight hair or one with soft curls according to the occasion and style.

Choosing an appropriate style that would bring out the best in you in something not all beauticians can do, and you need to find a professional who would play the trick with your hair. The professional stylists at Theory hair salon work wonders with your hair as they bring out not only the best style but also make you feel and look like a celebrity.

This hairstyle is something so modern and trendy with uneven bangs at the front and glamorous hair color highlights and streaks to give uplift to your hairdo. These kinds of styles will bring out the hottest looks that one would just love to own.

Medium hairstyle Medium hairstyle

This is a shoulder length cute hairstyle with long layers to make your hair look more voluminous and stylish at the same time. The long layers can be accompanied with fringes in the front to make it look more chic.

Cute-shoulder-length-Hairstyles Cute-shoulder-length-Hairstyles

Cate blanchett’s soft waves with beautiful layers and side swept hairstyle is something that would best match those with wavy hairs and also ones with lovely locks of curls. Neat curls that are layered perfectly would look more gorgeous than the messy curls that are untamed.

cate blanchett soft waves cate blanchett soft waves

Straight hair with side swept bangs and streaks of hair color are something one with a straight hair would love.

medium-length-layered-hairstyle-with-bangs medium-length-layered-hairstyle-with-bangs

There are lots of trendier hairstyles that can make your medium hair look great and all you need to do is just give a call to the number listed in the site to get your appointment for a lovely hair makeover.

Anna Faris Bob cut

Get A Hot Look With Short Hair

Short hair is one of the best hairstyles one can think of when you want to look hot and sexy. Not many prefer a short hairstyle in a fear that it might ruin their looks, but theory hair salon will just ease the fear away with the expert stylist who will just do their trick to bring on the magic of a fantastic looking short hairstyle. We must’ve all adored a short hair maybe at least once in our lifetime, and why not try something fun and chic again? Also, there is a major advantage of sporting a short hair cut as they are easy to maintain and you can just easily manage them compared to the lengthy hairstyles.

There are various beautiful hairstyles that will make your face look attractive and like a celebrity with the right type of style that will best suit your facial feature. You must wonder how celebrities look so gorgeous, and the secret behind every good-looking person is their lovely looming hair. Hair plays a major role in defining the looks of a person. Throw your fears and shyness in the backyard and walk into to theory salon to get a sexiest hairstyle that will instantly turn you into a star!

Bob cut has always been a favorite hairstyle and without bangs they will sure look incomplete. Anna Faris’s neat bob cut is one of the exemplary examples of how a simple bob cut can bring a gorgeous look with neat bangs in the front.

Anna Faris Bob cut Anna Faris Bob cut

Hayden Panettiere’s lovely waves of short hair with a perfect hair color in the right spots highlights not only her hair but the personality on the whole. Who said only straight hair will look great for short hairstyles? Wavy hairs will just do great too!

Hayden Panettiere Short Wavy Hairstyle Hayden Panettiere Short Wavy Hairstyle

Those with beautiful locks of curly hair can try something different like Selena Gomez with lengthy bangs in the front and tapered layers at the back. This will make you hairstyle look a lot different and not too short. With appropriate hair products you can keep them in place and push away the thought of a bad hair day!

Selena Gomez Short Locks Side Bang Selena Gomez Short Locks Side Bang

This is not the end of it, there are various more hairstyles to choose from based on your hair texture, and match it with your face cut. Walk into Theory Hair Salon to get the best hair cut done!