razored medium length pixie haircut

Modern And Trendy Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircut is one of the most loved short hairstyle that women often prefer and this cut can be styled in various ways according to ones preference and styling idea. Though the haircut might look very simple and short, it needs careful detailing to make it look the way you would expect it to be. Be it a messy pixie or a proper-layered one with a medium length; let your stylist know the kind of pixie you prefer. Theory hair salon stylists can trim your hair into one of the best pixie cuts and turn your looks much like a celebrity, where you will gain confidence to walk out in streets.

emma watson pixie cut

This is a short trimmed inverted pixie cut with proper layering that project to the front unlike other layers that falls back. This pixie cut is very short and one needs to decide if it will be comfortable to go with such a short hairstyle. But having your neck free from thick hair falling behind will sure feel free and relaxed!

inverted pixie cut

This is a modern pixie hairstyle with a short back end and lengthy front bangs that are combed to one side. This kind of pixie hair cut with uneven layers in the front that are side swept altogether will give a unique look that will make you look like a style icon.

modern pixie hairstyle

This is a razored medium length pixie hair cut with beautiful layering that will make you look stylish and sexy. This short hairstyle will look voluminous and the medium layers in the front are something that one would adore after getting it styled.

razored medium length pixie haircut

This is a very short pixie haircut that looks roughly styled and more like a tousled hair with a hair band. This kind of style will look trendier and more casual, if you are a person with much of a different style that will look unique then this is something for you!

short pixie cut with a hairband

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