Medium Hair

A medium hairstyle is simple, elegant and practical. You get the benefits of a shorter cut–originality, edginess and a youthful look–and the benefits of long hair–versatility for wearing it up or down, styling options like curls, waves or flat iron and color becomes more fun to play with.

No doubt about it, medium hair is a length that anyone can rock. With the help of North Austin’s best salon–Theory Hair Salon–and a little know-how, you’ll be sporting the chicest look on the block.

A medium hairstyle has no bounds and what you can do with long hair can (most of the time) be translated into medium hair. Here are a few options of what you can do with it:

Three layers and long bangs are sophisticated and versatile

-Tiered layers and long bangs: If your hair is down to your shoulders or a little bit past, you can add three main layers–cheekbone, chin and shoulders. The layer that skims your cheekbones will serve as your long bangs and the styling options are pretty much endless: mid-part, side part, loose waves, curls, straight, ponytail, bun. You pick what suits you best.

-Shag: This medium hairstyle’s main characteristic is its heavily feathered ends. It can work for shorter hair down to hair at jaw-length. It requires some layering but not too much which turns out to be good for thin haired gals. You can leave the bangs out, but adding some side swept bangs really takes it to another level. The longest layer is even, so no angling at the nape.

-A long bob (lob) with volume: This is for medium hair on the longer side. Unlike other styles that add layers starting pretty high up, this cut’s layers begin at the chin and they’re not that visible. What that does is it gives the cut a blunt look, while adding volume at the bottom. This haircut can work for almost any hair type. Curlier gals should keep the layers as long as possible and ladies with longer faces should have the layers start at the jaw.

Anne Hathaway wears a layered, long bob

-Single length hair with deep bangs: This haircut frames heart shaped faces and allows for the bangs to downplay larger foreheads. The single length can be very versatile since there are no layers to style. The bangs are blunt and start further back than most but not too much.

-Face-framing layers: This look has layers that begin at the chin and are very piecey. The ends are thinned out, which makes for a flattering cut for women with thicker hair. Bangs would detract from this particular cut, so you probably want to forego them here.

As always, take yourself to the best salon in North Austin–Theory Hair Salon–to get the best medium hairstyle of the season. Walk in or schedule a free consultation with us. Your hair will thank you!

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