Anna Faris Bob cut

Get A Hot Look With Short Hair

Short hair is one of the best hairstyles one can think of when you want to look hot and sexy. Not many prefer a short hairstyle in a fear that it might ruin their looks, but theory hair salon will just ease the fear away with the expert stylist who will just do their trick to bring on the magic of a fantastic looking short hairstyle. We must’ve all adored a short hair maybe at least once in our lifetime, and why not try something fun and chic again? Also, there is a major advantage of sporting a short hair cut as they are easy to maintain and you can just easily manage them compared to the lengthy hairstyles.

There are various beautiful hairstyles that will make your face look attractive and like a celebrity with the right type of style that will best suit your facial feature. You must wonder how celebrities look so gorgeous, and the secret behind every good-looking person is their lovely looming hair. Hair plays a major role in defining the looks of a person. Throw your fears and shyness in the backyard and walk into to theory salon to get a sexiest hairstyle that will instantly turn you into a star!

Bob cut has always been a favorite hairstyle and without bangs they will sure look incomplete. Anna Faris’s neat bob cut is one of the exemplary examples of how a simple bob cut can bring a gorgeous look with neat bangs in the front.

Anna Faris Bob cut Anna Faris Bob cut

Hayden Panettiere’s lovely waves of short hair with a perfect hair color in the right spots highlights not only her hair but the personality on the whole. Who said only straight hair will look great for short hairstyles? Wavy hairs will just do great too!

Hayden Panettiere Short Wavy Hairstyle Hayden Panettiere Short Wavy Hairstyle

Those with beautiful locks of curly hair can try something different like Selena Gomez with lengthy bangs in the front and tapered layers at the back. This will make you hairstyle look a lot different and not too short. With appropriate hair products you can keep them in place and push away the thought of a bad hair day!

Selena Gomez Short Locks Side Bang Selena Gomez Short Locks Side Bang

This is not the end of it, there are various more hairstyles to choose from based on your hair texture, and match it with your face cut. Walk into Theory Hair Salon to get the best hair cut done!



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