Best Hair Stylists for Short Hairstyles at Austin Aveda Salon

Some salons specialize in certain techniques, processes or styles. At Theory we know our stuff and we have personally worn our hair in many lengths and textures. Our personal experience allows us to understand how hair works when it is cut different lengths; particularly when it is short.

Rihanna’s short crop

Short hair can be a blessing or a curse and it all depends who you see to style it. Short hair done right can be fun, interesting, youthful, sexy, classic, professional, chic and versatile. You can achieve the right short cut for you, as long as you visit stylists that have have the experience and know how it’s done.

At Theory Hair Salon, we know how important it is when you’re going for a short look after years of wearing it long. It can be a BIG decision and you don’t want to leave that in the hands of inexperienced stylists. When you come to Theory for a consultation, we’ll go over all the different ways you can transition to short hair so that the style you want ends up just as you pictured it. We will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your results.

If you’re a short hair veteran, you probably already know what you like, don’t and how your hair works. Perfect! We want to listen to you and make sure we have as much feedback from you as possible, your hair can be as beautiful as you picture it.

Kristin Cavallari’s short bob

This process also requires a huge amount of honesty on our behalf. We cannot in good conscience give your a cut that would not be flattering to your features or that would not work with your hair type. Let’s say you have curly, curly, curly–we’re talking Solange Knowles curly–hair and you want a pixie that looks like Wynona Ryder’s back in the 90′s. We will give your our professional opinion (which would probably be a big “don’t do it”) and point you toward a better suited style for your hair. Or the other way around, let’s say you want to add more dimension to your short hair without scissors. We’ll tell you what your coloring options are!

The point is we know short hair like we know our moms, and we know them pretty well! We have worked on all kinds of people with all kinds of hair, different styles, preferences, you name it. Whether you’re looking for a pixie, a bob, short edgy layers or anything in between, we’ll make you look fantastic.

Jennifer Hudson’s short, chic style

Your hair is an important part of your look and presentation. It can make or break the look you’re going for. And most importantly, it should be fun for you! If you’re looking to break away from your boring hair routine and change things up with a short haircut, come see the short hair experts at Theory Hair Salon.

Around here we have a saying: Don’t be afraid to change, it’s just hair! Put your best fashion foot forward and book an appointment for a free consultation by calling: (512) 677-HAIR (4247).

Or pop by whenever you can at 500 Canyon Ridge Dr. Suite L200 Austin, TX 78753. We look forward to being part of your short hair transformation!

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