Hair Color

Hair color is one of those things that can give you a lot of bang for your buck. The opportunities are endless and there really is an option for everyone. Here, we’ll about what’s hot for 2012.

Bright Hues- This is can be really subtle or bright and eye catching. It is a very easy way of having fun with your appearance and trying out that crazy color you’ve wanted since middle school but have been too scared to commit your full head. You can go full color, like Lady GaGa and her wigs.

Lady Gaga wears bright hair all the time

Or you can go with dip dye, which is consists of bleaching the tips and dyeing them with the color you want. You can go multi-color, pastel, neon, whatever you’d like. It’s a fun way of changing up your look!

You can also go for a less jarring look, like Katy Perry did recently. Choosing small sections of hair and having them bleached from close to the root to the tip, then dyed in a few different bright hues.

Ombre Hair- You’ve seen it on clothes and nails and now it’s made its way to your hair. The ombre trend is dead on for summer and fall. It has a beautiful effect and works on virtually anyone with at least shoulder-length hair. It is one of the safest ways to play with hair color if you are at all concerned about chemicals in contact with your scalp.

Ashlee Simpson Ombre
Ashlee Simpson was one of the first to wear Ombré hair

The process is similar to the Dip-Dyed tips, except this technique requires a little more attention to detail, since the desired result is that of a progressive change in hair color. If done too bluntly, it can look like you are just growing out some serious roots. And I’m not sure even Carrie Bradshaw can pull that look off anymore.

Bronde- Is it blonde? Is it brown? It’s both. Bronde is a great way to try out a lighter, sun-kissed shade without going into Pam Anderson territory. Starting off with brown hair, two tones of blonde are added on the top layers using a balayage technique, achieving a very natural and low-maintenance version of both colors. This is one of the most natural-looking hair colors of the year.

Ashley Greene's Bronde Locks

Balayage- This is a technique that has been used in France and more recently Manhattan for quite some time. This can be used to color as much or as little hair as you’d like and looks best on longer hair, although it can be done on pretty much any length. It is a free-hand hair coloring/ highlighting, which means it leaves out foil or highlighting caps, giving a more natural, free-flowing result. The best example of this is supermodel, Gisele.

Whatever the route you choose to go, make sure you go see the pros at Theory Hair Salon! Your results are guaranteed, you can be sure that you’ll get the effect you want and  you can be sure your hair will be in much better condition in the end, since we only use Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color.

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