Fix a haircut! – Austin/ Round Rock Hair Salon

Tried to cut your own bangs at home– nailed it. Not really. Hey, it happens. Whether it was the phone that rang the minute you were making the chop or you simply miscalculated, we all make mistakes.

Or say you were trying to get that awesome layered cut and you decided to go on YouTube and see how to do it yourself. Yeaaaah–no. Don’t do that.

Maybe what happened was that you went to a highly recommended salon and it turns out they made your hairdo into a hairDON’T. It happens and it is not a very good feeling. Worse, coming home and realizing that you could never style the new cut the way they did at the salon, so you’re stuck trying to find how to make your new ‘do work for you.

We can safely assume that most everyone has had a nightmare scenario (or three) like that. What we don’t all have is a group of powerhouse stylists that can help you right that wrong. You really don’t have to give up and wear a hat for the next 8 months until your scary new hair grows out.

A skilled stylist can easily work their magic on awkward shaped bangs, layers gone wrong, weird highlights, brassy blondes, reddish browns, lopsided bobs, and much, much more.

Let’s face it, no matter how brave and confident we usually are, a bad haircut is usually one of those things that will make us cower a bit. After all, it is something sitting on your head ALL day, right?

We would love to help you right a wrong and look how you originally intended. Stop missing out on the style you want and come see us. We’ll help you get that style back on track and looking every bit as fabulous as you.

Don’t forget that every cut at Theory Hair Salon comes with a complimentary bang/ neck trim so you don’t end up taking the scissors to your own hair again.

Schedule and appointment or come right over. We’ll have you in one of our stylists’ chairs and feeling better in no time.

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