Fix your hair color at Theory Hair Salon – Austin/ Round Rock

You wanted platinum blonde hair but instead you got brassy yellow hair? Then you were trying to go back to your dark brown shade and it turned orange?

Trust us, as horrifying as it may seem to you at the moment, we’ve seen this happen a million times. And we can help.

There are so many products out there for at-home coloring that sometimes we forget that some processes are almost an art. Unless you’ve done it many times before, chances are you may not always get the result you’re looking for. That’s ok! We’re pros and we understand that you don’t always want to make an appointment to get your hair colored.

What you DO want to do is make an appointment for is getting it corrected in case of a color catastrophe. We use only the best and highest quality hair products to get your hair looking the way you intended in the first place: magnificent!

It can be very stressful to end up with results that you had not intended. Worse, knowing that you cannot do anything about it yourself or wondering how much more damage you’ll do by trying to fix it. It’s hard! But that’s why we’re here and we will be glad to aid you in the process of recovering or discovering the look that you were going for in the first place.

We know you might be tempted to do it by yourself, but please wait until you have a chat with a professional before you try anything at home. What might seem like an easy fix may end up making the problem worse.

Now, if this happens while we’re closed and we can’t actually do anything about it, we recommend you call a hotline, like L’Oreals, for example (800-631-7358) and they can help you get your hair back to a color you’d feel ok wearing to work.

Remember, when in doubt, trust a pro! A pro a Theory Hair Salon, that is!

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