Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs – Iconic Bangs You’ll Love to Wear!

We just love it at the Salon when everything about a great haircut comes together and just looks spectacular, and a very important part of that process is what to do about bangs. While you can always opt out of having bangs, we just can’t get enough of bangs done right, and lucky for lovers of the look, bangs are definitely in style right now. In fact, bangs almost never go out of style and can be seen throughout history on some of the most influential fashionistas. These celebrity haircuts with bangs can often become iconic, and they’re excellent as inspiration for your next look.

Elizabeth Taylor was a fashion and film titan and is well-loved by her fans.

Few haircuts in history have been so firmly entrenched in the mind of the public as that of Hollywood icon Liz Taylor when she played the sultry Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the film of the same name. While Liz’s hair famously featured big curls and waves in her normal life, her portrayal of Cleopatra included straight, black shoulder-length hair with nearly blunt, slightly curving bangs. This cut is a classic, and is one of the best medium hairstyles with bangs. The original was, of course, jet black and featured sleek, straight hair, but we think this look is also dynamite with hair of almost any color, and it can be modified with a part or a ruffled look.

Similar to the Liz Taylor look, but updated and made more edgyis that of

Sultry just doesn't cut it when talking about Peggy Moffitt's incredible look.

Peggy Moffitt, one of the most influential models in history. Moffitt was known for her exciting, energetic fashion photos, and part of her intense draw were her amazing, cutting edge bangs. Moffitt’s most famous look included a sleek, boyish haircut made feminine with bangs cut blunt to just above the eye. These had a slight curve that ended at the temple and reversed back up again to the ear, making a point. Unlike Taylor’s, Moffitt kept her hair very short, making this one of the coolest retro short hairstyles with bangs. Moffitt also famously sported asymmetrical bangs in some of her most well-known shots, leaving the bangs long enough on one side to cover an eye and the top of the cheekbone. This look is super high-fashion and is still guaranteed to wow.

Birgitte Bardot and her ever-popular blonde bangs.

No article on bangs would be complete without mentioning the lovely and talented Brigitte Bardot, who had a very different look from our other two iconic wearers of fringe. This actress/model’s big, expressive eyes and pouty lips helped her become one of the most famous sex symbols of the century, an accomplishment that was helped out in part by her beautiful hair. Bardot typically kept her hair long, either letting it down or wearing it in a fun, bouncy 60′s updo. She’d complement these looks with gorgeous wispy, blonde bangs that typically fell to below her eyes or a bit longer. Bardot almost always parted her bangs directly down the middle, letting them lightly sweep out to either side and frame her face. Sometimes, Bardot would leave a few pieces of her bangs much longer on the outside edge of her face, making the framing effect even greater. Perhaps one of the best known haircuts with bangs, it has been endlessly copied since it was first spotted.

These three ladies are, of course, only a small fraction of the millions of women that have worn a great cut with bangs, but there’s no doubt that all three wore some of the most memorable bangs haircuts ever. On top of being massively influential in their respective fields, these women (literally) shaped the way that an incalculable number of women would wear bangs, and we think the world of hair is much better off for it! If you’re thinking about bangs for your own hair, you simply can’t go wrong by imitating one of these classic beauties, so pick a look and bring it on into the Salon for a knockout fringe cut.

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