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jane fonda choppy layered bob

Glamorous Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Women are always very cautious and give much importance to their looks and can never stand the fact that they’ve grown old or look old. But nowadays there are so many things that can make one look young, beautiful and sexy, among which hairstyles own a major place. There are various hairstyles one can choose to beautify oneself and the one you select must not only suit the facial structure but also match according to your age making you look elegant and admirable. Below are some of the selective hairstyles for women over 50 that will give them the new confidence to walk out in style with the dominance of their glamorous hairstyle.

madonna's long wavy bob madonna’s long wavy bob

Take a look at Dana Delany’s beautiful long side swept layers that not only look rich and luxurious but also beautiful. Long layers and side swept hairstyles are one of the hairstyles that almost anyone can try to make them look gorgeous. There is no specific factor that one should have a particular kind of hair texture as this will get along with any kind of hair with proper care.

dana delany long side swept layers dana delany long side swept layers

Diane Keaton has sported a beautiful and simple layered bob cut that is one of the significant style of the stars and if you are particularly fond of short hairstyles then this will be something that you will be highly impressed and moreover they are easier to maintain too!

diane keaton's layered bob diane keaton’s layered bob

How about a choppy hairstyle like Jane Fonda? Short choppy hairstyle is one of the classic styles and will look very beautiful for curly and wavy hairs. you can also try some of the fancy colors to highlight the hair with some streaks to make it look more stylish.

jane fonda choppy layered bob jane fonda choppy layered bob

A simple long shiny mane is something that has been adored by women of all age groups right from the ancient age. A simple haircut is more than enough to make a healthy hair look beautiful and you can just let them free flowing or tie them into a high pony or try any hairstyle of your choice.

julianne-moore's long shiny mane julianne-moore’s long shiny mane