Beautiful haircuts at Austin/ Round Rock Hair Salon

Have you ever stopped a stranger because their hair was just so amazing you had to know where they got it done? A good stylist is something some people keep very close to the vest. It’s not often you can find someone who can give you the look you’re going for before they go ‘viral’ and then everyone and their grandma is looking to schedule with them.

Now add great talent and afforable prices and you’ve got yourself a winner, but who’ll tell you where to get access to that? You’re in luck. We will. Because that’s us!

You’d be surprised at how common it is for a person to find a stylist that is a good match for them. Often people are forced to compromise between a good cut or good prices. That really stinks! Think about how often you get a haircut or how often you WOULD if you had a stylist you liked. If the answer is not much, think about why. Is it not within your price range? Does your hair need trims constantly? Does your stylist never seem to get it right or worse, do you not even see the same person twice because your local salon is a revolving door of stylists?

We hear about these scenarios CONSTANTLY. It’s such a shame, too because it means you’re constantly putting your looks on the back burner to prioritize something else. And we’re here to tell you: ┬áit doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have your cake and eat it, too! That’s why we’re here and it is one of our missions to help you achieve the look you want at a price you can afford. Great hair doesn’t have to belong to just the rich and famous. Neither does a spa-like setting, relaxing ambiance, a good color job or high-end, organic and natural hair care. At Theory Hair Salon you get it ALL.

Our stylists all have extensive training and are up to date with the latest trends. Come in and you’ll see what we mean. No back issues of hair magazines from 1997 here! The latest, the greatest, all current, all beautiful, all within you reach.

And we’re easy to access as well. Whether you’re coming from around the corner, Round Rock, North Austin, Pflugerville or down South, we are conveniently located off of northbound I-35, in the Tech Ridge shopping center.

Make Theory Hair Salon your next destination for a beautiful haircut or color job. You will not regret it!

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