emma watson retro bob style

Attractive Bob Hairstyles For Women

Bob hairstyles are one of the most coolest and trendy hairstyles that women can sport. Also, not many of them are ready or open enough to chop their hair into something short and sleek, but if you are ready to venture your style then this blog is something that you would love! It is not necessary that bob hairstyles need to be something of a classic and same old sleek model that you will easily get bored, but you can ask your stylist to add some style like you would normally do with a long or a medium length hair.

Bob hairstyles can be made to look classic, trendy, hot and stylish with various types of cuts like one with fringes, layers, sleek straight one and lots more to explore. Additionally hair colors and extensions can add some more style to the already beautiful bob. All this can become possible only if you are confident with your stylist and one who can make your confidence come true. Theory hair salon is one such salon where the professional stylists play tricks with your hair to make them look stylish and also make you look like a star with the stylish haircut.

Alexa chung’s shaggy bob cut with center partition and hair colors give the simple cut a more definitive look and style. This type of hair cut can be tried on those with wavy or even curly hairs and the front fringes can be made short or lengthy based on the style you wish to go for.

Alexa chung shaggy bob cut Alexa chung shaggy bob cut

This is a simple chin length sleek bob cut that will look stylish and beautiful. This classic style bob cut is never out of style and can be sported in any season or all round the year. The beautiful shiny and silky straight hair will look gorgeous in this style.

chin length bob cut chin length bob cut

Gwen stefani’s medium length bob cut with beautiful layers and quiet long fringes in the front makes it look stylish and chic.

gwen stefani layered bob cut gwen stefani layered bob cut

This is another bob style hair cut with bouncy curls at the bottom of the hair and added layers that makes it look very cute and lovely.

pixie lott bob with curls pixie lott bob with curls


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