short pixie hair cut

Stylish Short Haircuts

Have you ever desired a short haircut and then changed over thinking it’s not your cup of tea? Well, then you must sure go through some of these stylish short haircuts that will want you to immediately try them on. There is always a fear and pull back in many minds where women fear that short haircut might really ruin their looks or think that it might not look perfect for their hair type. But there are various stylish haircuts that will change minds of people who fear or dislike short haircuts. Also, there are various advantages of trimming your hair short as you needn’t spend much time in styling them and also they are very comfortable during hot and sweaty days.

This is a short pixie hairstyle that is voluminous and spiky in the front with short trimmed edges along the sides and back. This is a very ultra modern style that looks very sexy and the back view of the haircut looks more like a boyish summer cut.

sassy short hair This is a short stylish haircut with even short layers to make it look very neat and admirable. The side-partitioned hairstyle with long front layered fringes looks perfect for a soft hair and this can be further enhanced with streaks of hair color and accessories to make it look girlish and very pretty.

short stylish hair cut This is a very stylish bob cut that is slightly different from those of the old traditional bob hairstyles. The elongated front fringe makes it look lengthier from the front and the descending back layers give it a short hairstyle view from the back. This hairstyle will look very beautiful for any kind of wardrobe you choose and for any occasion, which is easy to style and maintain.

stylish bob cut Take a look at this trendy hairstyle that look stylish with a much voluminous roots in the front and very short trimmed hair at the back.  Few strands of long fringes in the front makes it look very stylish and modern.

voluminous front side

short wavy hair

Beautiful Wavy Hairstyles For Women

Wavy hairs are considered to be one of the most convenient hair types as they can be styled into any type of hairstyle that one can wish for. Wavy hairs are easy to style and will look gorgeous for almost every hairstyle that you can think of. Also they look very feminine and godly, which is why many women prefer a wavy hair that will also look chic and trendy. When you are planning to style your hair for a party or for a evening tea time wavy hairs can be combed accordingly that will look very appropriate and pretty. Listed below are some of the beautiful wavy hairstyles for women who are fond of trying new styles.

This is one of the classic styles that is never out of place as the long layers of beautiful wavy hair is just let down free flowing and is decorated with a thick satin band and a bow. Kind of hairstyle looks very cute and girlish along with hair accessories to further enhance the looks of the style.

layered wavy hair

This is a very simple hairstyle where the beach wavy hair is just let down freely with few strands of fringes in the front to make it look more casual and modern. This hairstyle will suit almost any type of clothing and is simple to style too!

long wavy hairThis is a medium length messy wavy hairstyle with uneven layering and side partition. The front fringes are curled to make it look more glamorous and the feather like layering makes it look very voluminous and attractive. messy wavy hairstyle

This is a short wavy hair with uneven front fringe layers that will make it look simple and elegant. This kind of hairstyle will be perfect for the soft hair types and those with less volume.

short wavy hair with fringes

Whatever maybe the hairstyle and haircut, to make it look perfect and to discard the bad hair day from your dairy it is highly important to maintain a proper hair care. There are various products that are available according to the hair type to maintain a beautiful healthy hair that one would adore and other would envy!



pixie blonde style

Short Blonde Haircuts That You’ll Love

Blonde hair is one of the most gorgeous and attractive hair types that many women would love to have atleast once in their lifetime. The flawless hair color makes it look beautiful for any kind of hairstyle and will give the hair an additional beauty to what it already has. Usually blonde hair will look beautiful for any type of hair cut and length but this blog is all about short haircuts that will look attractive and the one you will love to try. Hairstyle is one of the major attractions and should be styled with care. To get your hair styled according to the one in your dreams, then you need to find a stylist who is professional enough to bring out the best, which will ensure that your beauty gets credited even more rather than playing a spoilsport. Theory hair salon is one of the best in class with their high range professional stylists who play magic with your hair and will make them look chic. side partitioned blonde hair

Bob cuts are always one of the best short hairstyles that one can think of and bob cuts can be styled in various ways according to your style. This brow skimming bob cut with front fringes will look very stylish in all seasons.

eyebrow skimming blonde bob Look at this pixie blonde style that is short and trendy. The side partitioned hairstyle with one side having long layers and the other with short trimmed hair that will create a modern look. The back view of the hair is more like a short boy cut that will be very relaxing during hot summer days. pixie blonde style

Look at this wavy messy blonde hair with layers that will make it look much voluminous and sexy. The tousled hairstyle is something that is always hot and glamorous that one can never resist. This is one such side-partitioned hair you might want to try to make your wavy hair look sassy!

wavy messy blonde

intricate curling updo

Attractive Hair Updos For Parties

Hair updos are one of the most interesting and attractive hairstyle during many grand and important occasions. These updos will make your hair look stylish, classic or trendy as there are various ways by which you can style your updo. It is not always necessary that an updo must look classic as you can style them with front fringes, voluminous roots, loose buns and lots more to bring out the style in you. Every woman love being pampered with one of the best hairstyles for  their wedding, prom night, garden party, or for an award function. Listed below are some of the gorgeous looking updos

voluminous updo There are many who adore braids and this is a kind of hairstyle especially for those kinds of women who will instantly fall in love with it. These rows of braided hair updo will look very classic and charming for anyone with any kind of costume and will perfectly suit those with curly and wavy hair types.

braid updo

Twists and curls are one of the ways to make your silky or soft hair look more voluminous and detailed. This intricate curling of hair partitions that are formed into a French updo looks very pretty for your prom night or a garden party.

intricate curling updo

If you are looking for an updo with more casual and stylish looks then this will be something of your choice, as the roots are combed into much voluminous looks with some free strands of hair. The loose bun at the back looks very cute and stylish with the free strands giving much of a casual look.

kate-beckinsale loose low bun

Sometime even a high bun looks very modern with certain kind of clothing and make up. This twisted high bun that is tightly secured in place with an attractive red lip color creates a very inviting look that is very much attractive and sexy.

twisted high bun

bob cut with curls

Stylish Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Short hairstyles are really catching up the pace and many are opting for one such style to make them look trendy and awesome. Don’t you think short hairstyles are cool and sexier when compared to most other styles? At times black women might wonder what exactly will suit them the best and the answer is very simple, almost every hairstyle will look best as long as your hair is well maintained and conditioned. Black hair is one of the beautiful assets of black women and there are various hair products that can help in enriching your hair with any kind of style that you could possibly dream about!

This is a beautiful bob cut for medium length hair that has lovely curls at the ends. The lustrous black hair is something that most women would envy and you can get your hair done in one such style by blow drying it and curling with large rollers.

bob cut with curls

This is a short pixie hair cut with side partition and long layers in the front. These long layers in the front and short trimmed at the back is something that has become modern and one of the iconic style of the celebrities. This kind of hairstyle will not give you the feel of having a much shorter hair, as you will be having long fringes in the front.

long side bangs

A bob cut is one of the most classic styles from ages and still favored one. Bob cuts are much easier to maintain and will look chic on any occasion and for any type of clothing under any season, so anyone who loves short hair would have definitely tried a bob cut. This is a messy bob cut that matches perfectly well for a curly hair.

messy curly bob cut

This is a side partitioned bob cut for soft straight silky hair that is trimmed evenly at the edges to give a beautiful bob cut look.

 soft straight bob cut

razored medium length pixie haircut

Modern And Trendy Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircut is one of the most loved short hairstyle that women often prefer and this cut can be styled in various ways according to ones preference and styling idea. Though the haircut might look very simple and short, it needs careful detailing to make it look the way you would expect it to be. Be it a messy pixie or a proper-layered one with a medium length; let your stylist know the kind of pixie you prefer. Theory hair salon stylists can trim your hair into one of the best pixie cuts and turn your looks much like a celebrity, where you will gain confidence to walk out in streets.

emma watson pixie cut

This is a short trimmed inverted pixie cut with proper layering that project to the front unlike other layers that falls back. This pixie cut is very short and one needs to decide if it will be comfortable to go with such a short hairstyle. But having your neck free from thick hair falling behind will sure feel free and relaxed!

inverted pixie cut

This is a modern pixie hairstyle with a short back end and lengthy front bangs that are combed to one side. This kind of pixie hair cut with uneven layers in the front that are side swept altogether will give a unique look that will make you look like a style icon.

modern pixie hairstyle

This is a razored medium length pixie hair cut with beautiful layering that will make you look stylish and sexy. This short hairstyle will look voluminous and the medium layers in the front are something that one would adore after getting it styled.

razored medium length pixie haircut

This is a very short pixie haircut that looks roughly styled and more like a tousled hair with a hair band. This kind of style will look trendier and more casual, if you are a person with much of a different style that will look unique then this is something for you!

short pixie cut with a hairband

inverted bob cut

Back View Of Short Haircuts- An Overview

Haircut is one of the major factors in deciding the looks of a person and sometimes you might be tricked by a beautiful front cut and a horrible back view that you might not be satisfied. Best hairstyle is one with a gorgeous front and back view, for this reason you must inform your stylist about the type of haircut and the preferred length that you think will make you look beautiful. Theory hair salon is one the best places to visit to get your hair styled the way you wish and the experienced group of stylists work their hands on your hair to bring out the best in you.

Pixie haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for all the short hair lovers and there are various types of pixie cuts that can be styled according to your preference and trend. This is a short pixie cut with layers and a kind of messy look. This will look perfect on a hot summer day!

layered short pixie cut Take a look at this short edgy cut that look more like a boyish cut at the back with even layering that is trim and short and long bangs in the front to give much of a modern look. These kind of hairstyles will look very sexy as it will make it look lengthy from the front and more comfortable and short at the back.

short edgy cut This soft and rounded cut with a voluminous back view will look both classic and trendy. This can be further enhanced with streak of trendy hair coloring to give your hair a stylish look.

soft and silky rounded cut This is a messy haircut for a beach wavy hair that will give you a casual look. This type of casual hairstyle with layers doesn’t need much of styling and can eliminate the bad hair day problems. The hair can be styled with simple accessories like band, clip or flowers to make it look cute. wavy hair back view



long side bangs bob

Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Bob hairstyles are often not tried by most women in a fear that it might ruin their looks and often they are drawn back with the thought of trimming their hair short. One must remember that short hair will look stunningly great if you have got them styled from the right stylist who knows how to properly handle the hair with care according to the type of hair texture and your facial structure. Moreover short hairstyles are easier to maintain and will consume less time in styling. In order to eliminate the concept of a bad hair day, you need to first properly style them in such a way that they will look stunning by just brushing them, and then proper and regular maintenance is very essential for any type of hair.

LeightonMeester back combed straight bob

This blog will focus on the bob hairstyles for fine hair as the title says and if you re a person with one such hair type then you will enjoy reading the post. This is a beautiful bob cut with side swept long bangs and streak of burgundy hair color to give an enriched look to the stylish hairstyle.

long side bangs bob

This is a short-layered bob cut that will look beautiful not only for curly and wavy hairs but also fine silky hair. Fine hair will look much sexier with this kind of hairstyle and if you don’t mind chopping your hair short then this will serve you right.

short layered bob cut

This is a short side swept bob style that is tapered at the back and is one of the classic styles of bob cut that has been sported from ages but still never out of style or trend. These kind of evergreen hairstyles own a special place for they are chic and easy to maintain.

short side swept bob Soft pixie for fine hair will give you a hot look that will stand out in the whole crowd and will suit any type of clothing line. These kinds of hairstyle are trendier and stylish. If you are looking for something hot then sport a soft pixie hair cut.

soft pixue for fine hair

stylish updo

Fascinating Halle Berry Hair Style

How many of you have fancied Halle Berry Hairstyle? There are very few celebrities who have always rocked the stardom with their latest hairstyle and wardrobe. Halle Berry is one of the celebrity icons who’ve impressed their fans with her trendy and stylish hairstyles, some of which have been listed below. Let your stylist know your preference and the choice of hairstyle that you wish to have so that he/she might know how to exactly handle your hair. Theory hair salon is one of the best places to consider when it comes to styling one’s hair and with their experienced stylists they work magic on your hair, by which you’ll be highly impressed.

pixie hair cut

Bob hairstyles will be highly popular during the hot summer months and one can never resist the pleasure of having a short hair especially during the sultry hot season. It is not necessary that one should consider a short hair during summers, but if you are a fond of short hair then all time if your time to sport the style you want. This beautiful soft side swept bob cut will look very stylish and modern with any type of wardrobe.

halle berry soft side swept bob

Beautiful curls are one of the significant hairstyles of a prom night or for any party where you cant flaunt yourself with a lovely off shoulder dress and beautiful flares of curls that will make you look like a princess. You can further accessorize the hairstyle with a tiara, beads or flowers to make it look even more fancy.

Halle_Berry flared out curls

Medium wavy hair with a regular haircut and short fringes in the front will make your hair look simple and elegant. This kind of hairstyle will give you a chic look and will suit any kind of occasion and dressing style.

wavy hair with fringes

There are quiet a few who would love to explore new hairstyles and something different than the usual. This pixie hair cut is one of the right style if you are a lover of short hair and different hairstyle.

pixie hair cut

jane fonda choppy layered bob

Glamorous Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Women are always very cautious and give much importance to their looks and can never stand the fact that they’ve grown old or look old. But nowadays there are so many things that can make one look young, beautiful and sexy, among which hairstyles own a major place. There are various hairstyles one can choose to beautify oneself and the one you select must not only suit the facial structure but also match according to your age making you look elegant and admirable. Below are some of the selective hairstyles for women over 50 that will give them the new confidence to walk out in style with the dominance of their glamorous hairstyle.

madonna's long wavy bob madonna’s long wavy bob

Take a look at Dana Delany’s beautiful long side swept layers that not only look rich and luxurious but also beautiful. Long layers and side swept hairstyles are one of the hairstyles that almost anyone can try to make them look gorgeous. There is no specific factor that one should have a particular kind of hair texture as this will get along with any kind of hair with proper care.

dana delany long side swept layers dana delany long side swept layers

Diane Keaton has sported a beautiful and simple layered bob cut that is one of the significant style of the stars and if you are particularly fond of short hairstyles then this will be something that you will be highly impressed and moreover they are easier to maintain too!

diane keaton's layered bob diane keaton’s layered bob

How about a choppy hairstyle like Jane Fonda? Short choppy hairstyle is one of the classic styles and will look very beautiful for curly and wavy hairs. you can also try some of the fancy colors to highlight the hair with some streaks to make it look more stylish.

jane fonda choppy layered bob jane fonda choppy layered bob

A simple long shiny mane is something that has been adored by women of all age groups right from the ancient age. A simple haircut is more than enough to make a healthy hair look beautiful and you can just let them free flowing or tie them into a high pony or try any hairstyle of your choice.

julianne-moore's long shiny mane julianne-moore’s long shiny mane